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  1. deacon

    Devils lake ice out

    Beuler, Beuler any help?
  2. deacon

    Lindy Rig

    Anyone use fireline for main line and something like fluoro for leader? Use mono for main and fluoro for leader myself. Do jig with fireline and feel is incredible.
  3. deacon

    Opening Morning

    Will be up about 6:30 and fishing by 7:30 the bite has been excellent of late. Not jealous of duck hunters, the "okay" old days are long over. Oh yeah and walleye taste
  4. deacon

    Sunfish article in the Conservation Volunteer

    thanks for sharing. think it is safe to say the 'good ole days' for sunfish will never return.
  5. Wow, not having fish everyday? Our group has at least one meal of fish a day, most days two meals of walleye. Keep breakfast simple with eggs, toast and cereal. Lunch is fish fajitas, walleye pan fried in butter or grilled walleye. Dinner is usually a grilled meat, baked potato and salad or fried walleye, onion rings and fries. Myself do not care if bring fish home so enjoy as much as possible on trip.
  6. deacon

    Lac Seul Fishing Reports

    Thanks for reports, really appreciate!!!! Only 2 more weeks.
  7. deacon

    Lac Seul Fishing Reports

    thanks for report, only 3 more weeks for our group. stable weather always helps with consistent fish pattern and bite.
  8. deacon

    russian river

    what do you everyone where under waders to help with cold water? thanks for advice
  9. deacon

    Lac Seul Opener Report

    good report, thanks for sharing. hard to believe few females caught, does sound like fun except "4 guys in a boat" hope it was a big boat. Never have done the early season but look forward to hopefully sooner than later.
  10. Lac Seul middle of July, weather should be hot and days long. Cold beer leeches and crawlers will be the ticket!
  11. Lac Suel end of August, looking for a mid June walleye trip for 6 people about 4-5 nights if anyone has suggestions.
  12. deacon

    Lac Seul Reports.

    We are headed to Mahkwa on the 19th good to hear fishing and roads are good. Water pressure can live with this as long as fishing is good. Thanks for the report very much appreciated. I have a few questions if you would like to provide pm deacon64 dot charter at net. thanks.
  13. Awesome, without pics the story is nothing!