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  1. Bigger is Better... I did a 28 X 40, I wish I went 40 x 80
  2. I use to use the rug dr, but I borrowed my mom's Hoover from Sears, I think it does a better job. I bought one and use it all the time. I think if you have dogs in the house you should have your own. I clean my carpet about 3 times a year.
  3. My 28 x 40 pole barn,steel siding & roof with cement floors, two garage doors, 1 double walk-in door, 1 single door and 4 slider windows cost about 20K I thought this would have been big enough but.... I wish I would have gone 30 x 80
  4. Billings is growing fast, what kind of work are you looking for?
  5. My Apoligies, I have been giving you the wrong information, The flow rate is Cubic Feet per Second (CFS), not the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) as I have been reporting. Somebody should have pointed out what a Dummy I am... LOL As of 8:00 this morning the Flow on the Bighorn River is now at 13,000 CFS. Most of the snow is gone from the mountains, but not all of it, so we may reach or beat the 14,000 CFS record.
  6. I did some research, Back in the mid 80's, the Bighorn River was at it's highest CFM, which was 14,000 CFM. Called a Guide I know, he said fishing from shore was impossable, but if you float the fishing is fantastic, if you find the right spot. You need to find an area of the river that is not affected by the flow. The Bigger fish from down stream have moved upstream, and they are eating everything and anything. In my last report, I said the water was just starting to come over the banks, At a normal flow the banks are 6 feet high.. I am use to 1500 to 3000 CFM's on this river, This almost 13,000 CFM's is for the birds, guess I'll mow my 23 acres. Can't fish.....
  7. The Big Horn River is now at 12,481 CFM, it is high and FAST!!! They have closed the Fishing Access Site by my place because of the flooding, and the FWP says the boat ramp, parking lot, and one of the roads has been washed out. I walked down there Sat evening, to do a little fishing, but the water was just starting to come over the banks, and big old cottonwood trees were floating by. Behind the Dam, the flood pools are now 4' deep and they expect another 2' in the pools by this weekend. Haven't heard any fishing reports from up river, and nobody is fishing on this part of the river
  8. Bighorn update: Now that the colder than normal spring is over, the snow pack is melting fast and with the rain we have had the last couple of weeks, BigHorn Lake is full on both sides of the border, and the overflow pools are starting to flood, The flow on the river is about 10,500 CFM, The river is a little ( actually alot) dangerous for shore fishing and wading, Float trips are fast but smooth because the ripples are about three feet below the surface. Lots of moss for spinner fishing, but very good for fly fishing...... Don, Good thing you cancelled your trip out here, we would have had a heck of a time trying to wade out to fish.....
  9. I have the same stamp set, and did my stampimg the same way. Maybe I'll go to one of the deputys, the sheriff here is a dink. Alto he did a fantastic job the other day busting a meth lab..
  10. How far off my drain field should I plant trees? The water level is 6' and a heavy clay soil that holds water pretty good, except fot the first 8 to 10" when it is dry.. Will be digging holes 2 1/2 feet deep and 12 to 18" wide and filling with black dirt. Just want to make sure the root system doesn't interfere with the drain field pipe. Trees will be 2' tall hybrid poplars, with a 1/2" circumference. no root ball, planting bear roots... Thanks in advance
  11. Hey thanks Chris, I am having the same issue with my trailer, except it was licenced in MN as a homemade trailer, and I need to stamp a new serial no# in the trailer then get a sherrif or HP to sign off on the paper work. Am having a hard time stamping a number on the frame, the sherrif won't except the stamp I did, I am going to take it in to a welder and have him weld the numbers on the frame, the sherrif better like it!!! As of this morning the Bighorn was flowing at 6500, and that is with out the snow melt because of the cold weather we have been having, they are recommending that you avoid shore wading because of the flow, dangerous currents, the guides are having trouble keeping their pace slow, an 8 hour float is being cut down by two to three hours, but the trout are biting if you can find a spot where there is a slow down in the current... Later
  12. I am using Sergeant's gold right now seems to do the best job of all that I have tried over the years... I tried the collar I think it was a hertz, that was useless, I found ticks on his neck right where the collar was.. Now if they invented something to keep my dog away from skunks I'd be real happy LOL... Besides a fence or kennel
  13. Hey Chris, Good reports... The Bighorn River is flowing at about 4500 to 5000 or more right now, they have opened up the dam to lower the water to do some repairs on the dam. Some fields in the North Valley are flooding from all the extra water, but I heard the Eel Pout and pike are biting.. I also heard that Tounge River is hot for crappies right now... No Walleye reports from the Bighorn River or in Bighorn Lake yet... Trout were pretty hot about a month ago, but haven't been out since then.
  14. Is there a spray you can use to rid your property of ticks? It seems to me I once read an article that there was something you could use. But I am not for sure, it might have just been a pipe dream after picking 2 dozen ticks off the dog one night. Frontline wasn't working for me, I switched to k-9 advantix, not much better for ticks, but it sure keeps the mosquito's off. I think the cheap stuff they sell at wal-mart works just as good as frontline... IMO...
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