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  1. House is listed on MLS (#3167914). Paying 2.7% buyers agent commission and offering $1,000 cash bonus if closed by the end of May!!
  2. I posted this in the Free Stuff section, too, but thought I might get more response here. I have about 50 lbs of various bird seed to give away. I'm moving and trying to lighten the load. I have sunflower, safflower, cardinal mix, some peanuts and niger thistle and at least one suet cake. Bring your own container(s) and take it away (please!). Located in Mound. email: [email protected]
  3. House for sale by owner. Located in Mound. Close to Lake Minnetonka beaches and access. Details can be viewed at www.4748hamptonrd.com Leave the realtor at home and let's talk price! ***** PRICE REDUCED *****
  4. I believe I have sent picture to everyone that has asked. Let me know if somebody did not receive the picture. Valv, The boat and trailer are early 70's and the motor is a mid 80's motor. If you could tell me how to determine the year of the motor, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. 14' Lund Aluminum boat, bunk trailer, 15 hp Johnson OB w/ gas tank (a little cold blooded, but excellent runner), Minnkota 28 lb transom mount trolling motor, clamp-on running lights (new, never used), 2 swivel seats attached to two of the bench seats, 2 spare tires, Humminbird TCR ID-1 depth finder. $1,400/ bo Price reduced to $1,200 Picture is available. email me at thartleben @ mccainassociates (Contact US Regarding This Word)
  6. I'm sure this has been discussed at length on this site before, but I'm too lazy to search. Anyway, I have an opportunity to chase some trout this weekend, but have never fished for them through the ice. The lake holds both lakers and rainbows. Any hints and tips you guys could share with me? Preferred bait? Anybody use Gulp baits? Thanks.
  7. I hear you. I do the same thing. Seriously...I'm going somewhere southwest to chase pheasants on Saturday. Might be one other guy going....might just be me. Shoot me an email if you would like to go! I've never hunted behind a weinerrammer!
  8. Remmi, Hey...wondered what happened to you over on the nodak board. We exchanged a few posts last year about late season hunting. I posted the pictures with the lab and shelled out car. I'm going out this weekend. Shoot me an e-mail...maybe we can hook up. thartleben @ mccainassociates.com
  9. splat

    Beretta Pintail

    Forgot about that....the only downside to the gun. I haven't found a way to unload shells from the magazine other than manually. Lawdog, the Pintail does not have the ejection system similiar to the Extremas....no button/thingy.
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