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  1. ​Robert, Are the Lakers in deeper water just suspended around 20-40'? Heading up in 2 weeks and trying to game plan.
  2. Electrics are great to learn the basics of smoking. I started with one and out grew it quickly. I purchased a Rec Tec pellet smoker last year and I love it. I use it up north at our cabin and I wanted something I could set, and then go out on the boat and not worry about it, or have long over night cooks. You get that plus a true "burn" if you will. The smoke rings are amazing. http://www.rectecgrills.com/ I will be adding a true stick burner soon though. I want to master both.
  3. I found a guy locally and I'm going to get some prices from him. The boat is mint itself, just needs to be cleaned. I might have him paint it as well and get the motor running. I've added a fish finder and trolling motor. Might need new batteries.
  4. I was thinking I'd ask $1500 as is and see what happens. I'm telling you though, do a search on C L. Pricing is crazy!
  5. Well I have a 1986 14' Lund with a console and a 25hp Evinrude. It has lights, bilge pump, trolilng motor, depth finder, etc. I have stored it in my garage at the cabin the last 6 years or so. It hasn't been in the water. I'm looking to sell it but have no clue what to price it at. I've seen similar boats from $1000 to $2000+. Should I sell it as is? Should I get it tuned up or is it not worth it at this point? Thanks!
  6. I just purchased a Rec Tec pellet grill. I should have it by Friday, so I can't comment on how it works just yet. Regarding pellets vs old school smoking. People are winning with pellets on the Comp circuit. Pretty sure that's enough for me.
  7. Box, hows the ice on the chain? I'll be up weekend before Xmas for my first time on the Sled. I need to get Lakes Area Rental to put on a new track for me though. Old one is junk.
  8. The pineapple is my favorite part. Last time I used a larger can!
  9. I promise you, these will be the greatest beans you will ever eat. My friends and family love them. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/a/dutchs-wicked-baked-beans
  10. Any updates from people fishing in the area? Looking for depths.
  11. I've never heard of any, but maybe someone else will chime in. I usually fish a bit north of there though near the Cliff Island area.
  12. The last 2 years on my trip to Lake of the Woods, I've used mostly Gulp Alive minnows and leaches. I've got just as much, if not more fish with them than live bait. I'm fully on board with Gulp.
  13. I wouldn't call it big haha, but there are a few resorts around. I'll be at Whitebirch Lodge. As far as Lake Trout, a couple years ago we went for them one day and got a few in the Whitefish Bay area. They were in about 80ft of water with down riggers, spoons and some sucker as bait.
  14. Which week are you going? I'll be up there June 15th-19th. I can give you my reports when I get back. Anyone else fish up there this weekend?
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