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  1. bigyooper

    Tip-up lights

    Found the link
  2. bigyooper

    Tip-up lights

    if you do a search online for the home made model, I built mine in 20 min with $8 lights from menards. I built 4 and still had 4 lights left. yooper
  3. bigyooper

    Tree stands on WMA's

    I just moved down to the cities and will be hunting WMA's this year. Does anyone know if you have to remove your stand after each night of hunting. I know that's how it was 6 years ago when I hunted down here, but I thought it was going to change. Thanks, Yoops
  4. bigyooper

    Pattern Master choke tube

    Nothing better, I use them for Goose and Turkey. The good part is that if you hit them they're down, if you miss they're gone, there's no inbetween, you won't hit them and they flop around and run til you get a second shot in. best $70 I have put into my gun,
  5. where are you located, would you be interested in trading for an almost new FNP-40 with 3 mags, holster and a hard case? Nick
  6. Is this thing still for sale? does it have any issues finding smaller baits at deeper depths. I have a CW classic and it looses a smaller bait after about 20 feet.I am also wondering if you put a floating self leveling transducer on it. I am very interested if it doesn't have the same issue and the price is right.
  7. I am wondering if anyone has any lakes around the ironriver area that might be good for perch or sunnies. I am thinking of meeting my cousin half way(iron river) to fish tomorrow. any help will be really appreciated. Thanks if you don't want to broadcast it here you can email it [email protected]
  8. bigyooper


    Deitz, you want to sell your showdown? I can't find a used one anywhere. email me [email protected]
  9. bigyooper

    Rage Broadheads

    I shot a doe with these and have one complaint. The 2" cutting distance was to great to fit between the ribs. Verticle it wouldn't be a problem but mine hit horizontal.It broke throug the rib but lost all it's energy doing it. At 13 yards I didn't even get a pass through. I am wondering if anyone else has had any issues yet?
  10. bigyooper

    Bow and rifle hunting question

    I am wondering, this is the first year that I will bow and rifle hunt in MN. If I shoot a buck with my bow, can I still shoot a buck with my rifle?
  11. bigyooper

    Question on taking out a seat?

    It's aluminum, I am worried about the side walls. maybe I should just leave it.
  12. I have a 82 crestliner that has a bench seat in the back. it has pedistal seating in the middle and front. I am wondering if I can take the back bench out and put a pedistal in? I am worried that it will ruin the boat an dmake it less stable? thanks,
  13. bigyooper

    Best Place to Hunt Whitetails out of state

    Indiana, over the counter lic. for $125.00, Big bucks, good eating veni (corn fed) lots of land. and easy to hunt. I go every year with C&C outfitters, they are not too bad on price and have alway put me on a 130+ deer.(not shot, seen)