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  1. Man there's a lot of water on the ice now. We have 2' of snow with up to 1' of water underneath it. Will this refreeze, get worse, what? The fish should get wet, not me!
  2. We have 2 small combination windows in our perm, a spot of potato rubbed on the glass seems to keep the condensation at bay. We heat with wood.
  3. Merry Christmas! You'll like that Strikemaster Auger - pound for pound, they hold their own, are of good value and long life, provided you take a few extra steps and routinely maintain it. Right out of the box they may be a bit stiff and hard to start - indicitive of all 2 strokes. You have to understand, most engines are not run after assembly rather packed and shipped - All 2 strokes need to "break in" - and one way to accomplish that is to maintain 1/4 - 1/2 throttle position during the first two tanks (one anyway). If right out of the box you run your auger at full throttle, it will tend to run lean - causing the piston to run hot, significantly reducing performance, and making it harder to start over time and mimizing the life of the engine. You were right to mix the oil as indicated by the manufacturer and 87 octane is fine - although the Swedes will argue that premium gives better performance. Overall, the best thing you can do is purchase Stabill MARINE fuel stabilizer - mix per instructions - add to your gas container and get in the habit of using it. It will minimize sludge buildup while maximizing burn during the compression cycle. Amsol is probably a fine oil. I prefer SM's smoke-less oil, nice stuff - 1 bottle/gallon - NO SMOKE - important if you're drilling in a hard-house. Drain the gas out of the auger if planned storage exceeds a week or more - it may sound tedious, but as gas molecules breakdown, the heavier particles settle toward the bottom and are the first to enter the carberator - they don't burn. Gas also breaksdown plastic molecules. I'm not a mechanic, rather a manufacturer's salesman. My 1986 MAGNUM III will fire from a cold start in 2 pulls fully choked, regardless of the weather and run like a well oiled machine all day everyday. Pound for pound, the only other auger I have met that's equal to mine is an Eskimo with stainless steel auger and round bail covering the blades - they're nice. That Magnum will serve you for a lifetime if you, early on, adopt some common sense handling procedures. Have fun, be safe and God bless! An Area Lake
  4. Yes, 2-3 man. But not a flip style and not a big suitcase - is there something in-between? Keep in mind, I am walking and not riding. Thank you for the input.
  5. Greetings. The time is fast approaching - soon we'll awaken to glistening window sills, storm watches, hourly ice reports, and hot baits - I CAN'T WAIT! In the meantime, need to purchase a replacement portable having sold my Polar sled last summer. Have seen the Frabill 6000 series portable - kinda like what I see, but would really like some input from others. Sleds are nice but heavy - that Polar was a bear - no pun intended. I've 2 boys, but usually bear most of the load. Thanks for your input and be safe on first ice. Blessings to you all - An Area Lake.
  6. from our little western spot on the map -17 with sustained winds at 28 mph and gusts to 39 mph yielding wind chill readings of -48 to -55. she's a bit more chilly on the ice.
  7. My trusty Magnum III - with the shop vac hose muffler extension that we rigged up to transport fumes outside - like Kojak used to say.......Let 'er Freeze Baby!
  8. Thank you for the response - will check them out. I quite agree with family time-good point. I have a 16' Lunker Deep Vee that fishes well - will it be okay for Winnie? Would be good experience for son and I for future trips.
  9. We three, have never fished together - would like to take them to a quality resort in Minnesota on waters holding hammer handle walleye and eater perch - something we can catch enough of to make it fun for one and full for all. Thank you for your suggestions.
  10. This......... From 12/05 - Camera setup distance of 8' from shiner. Photo taken with Palm Treo 650 while viewing Aqua Scout.
  11. Okay - you're allowed to angle in a spearing hole - right? Does that mean I can use fake weeds if I choose to angle instead of spear? Also - if angling - can the spear be kept in the house, or does it have to sit outside? And Vice Versa? It's easy to drop keys and cell phones through a 10" hole, being a newbie to spearing, what should I expect with a 24" x 30" picture window in the floor of our palace?
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