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  1. It sounds to me like you have a partially plugged pilot jet. Did the bike sit without being run for awhile? Chances are it may have had ethanol blended fuel, what goes bad fast. V star 650 is a super dependable bike, I am sure a carb clean and new fuel lines and it will be fine.
  2. For me it was for sure, I drove 2 hours one direction, spent about 5 hours riding and didn't hit all the trails. They have trails rated for dificulty green being easy, blue moderate, black difficult. I would consider myself a expierenced rider, and found some stuff a real challenge. The black trails are not long but are several short ones to try out. I sent over a group of riders the next weekend after I returned and they had as high regards as I did. It has all kinds of riding, from hill climb to mudding. If their is somewhere better in NW Iowa, SE South Dakota, or SW Minnesota I would be surprised. The group that told me about it said the took a yearly trip to the Black Hills and did not go back because they had more fun here, with a lot less expense.
  3. I recently visited Talsmas for the first time. I was super impressed!!! It will keep riders of all skill busy for a entire day and the views are awsome. Hands down the best atv rideing within a couple of hours.
  4. Your one way clutch is what is causing the problem. It is attached to the rear of the flywheel. It works on three rollers and springs that let a inner hub spin one way. Sometimes one of the springs may break or just get gunked up and stick and allow the inner hub to rotate both directions. Pull the side cover off and flywheel (needs puller) and filp it over remove 3 allen bolts and the one way clucth will come off. Inspect rollers and springs. Its also possible their is some galling on the surface the rollers run on causing problem too.
  5. get some of the super fine steel wool, rub lightly not always in the same direction, and add some chrome polish to it. I promise it works and no scratching unless you rub hard and for a long time. I am a service manager at a cycle dealership and use this daily on bikes that come through our shop. Take your time and you will be amazed what you can remove.
  6. I have been fishing Big Sprit several times each summer for several years. This year has been my slowest walleye year ever. Is it just me or has others had a tough time too? I am positive the numbers of fish are good and the revamped slot should also help with bigger fish. I am scratching my head. have I lost my touch, have I always gone today when I should have been their yesterday?
  7. 3207. . . . . Walleyes I want to catch!
  8. I was also out fighting the wind Sunday, I was on Smiths Bay. I did good on the gills, the key is small baits and lite line, the water here is too clear for anything to big.
  9. I am surprised by this (not that I am questioning you) but I have personally had better luck at Sprit Lake it the last 3 years then West Okoboji, I have seen more fish at West but more fish in the boat on Sprit. Did the DNR say they are losing the small fish after stocked or larger fish. If you noticed at the hatchery this spring their were alot of nice fish in the Tank Labeled Sprit.
  10. Yamaha, I believe is the only outboard company to test horsepower at the prop not at the crankshaft, this is why a yamaha will usually outrun the compition of the same size, but you do pay more for a Yamaha, In my opinion after 17 years in a yamaha dealership it the most dependable engine.
  11. I was walleye fishing on Spirt Lake (IOWA) and caught a small walleye as I reeled it up a small muskie (30")came up pretty hot to get the walleye. He would not give up I called my wife and daughter over to watch we kept the muskie next to the boat for over a minute. I would pull the walleye out of the water to keep the muskie off and he would just wait for it to come back. It was very fun my daughter thought it was a great show.
  12. haven't muskie fished at the Iowa lakes yet this year but in my past trips, I catch more numbers of fish at okoboji and bigger but less action at Sprit lake. I fish Sprit more in the summer b/c it don't get near the rec traffic of Okoboji. A spot to try in Sprit is also in the northeast bay, very weedy but get to the outside where you can still cast without hanging up on weeds. I had a great couple of days last year in this area.
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