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  1. To all who feel the need to comment negatively towards this fellows post: find a different HSOforum to post your thoughts on. End of story. This is a HSOforum that people who love to fish for WHATEVER they love to fish for can use. If a guy asks a group outside of a restaurant if the liver and onions is any good, he's not looking for someone to pipe up and say they would never order liver and onions because it smells bad and it gives them gas. I am sure this guy could care less why someone would never fish for eelpout, think about it before you post things of this nature. Now, I have heard the pout fishing is really good on Winnie, as far as other lakes I haven't heard. Also I have been told by people in the know that very bright glowing jigging spoons and airplane jigs are the ticket, tipped with crushed minnows(for scent). Good luck man, I am going tomorrow night for the first time myself! THE PRODIGY.
  2. Who says thats not real??? My dad, many years ago was witness to this on two separate occations on the same lake... it may be a false picture but this sort of thing does happen. We mock, what we do not understand - "Spy's Like Us" -The Prodigy
  3. Really nice fish, might I be so bold as to at least ask what river this was??
  4. And there you have it.
  5. I am not saying that I condone preseason fishing, I am just letting it be known that I don't agree. Of course I don't prefish, it is against the law, I am just voicing my opinion. There are a lot of areas in the old DNR fishing laws that I think are to restrivive, but on the other hand I strongly believe that the DNR is to lax in many areas such as its bag limits, and I think that slot limits (I can feel everyones blood pressure from my keyboard) are stupid, for reasons that I won't get into here and now. I want to ask you gentlemen, if you had your own way - conservation in mind - what would the seasons and bag limits be like? I will tell you that I would like to see seasons closed when the fish are spawning. Everyone knows that bass season is open during this period. I think that is wrong. This is one of the aspects of fishing that I really enjoy, we all are knolegable on the subject and we can discuss the areas of its conservation. Thank you for bearing with me - Prodigy
  6. Hey fellas, Call me the devils advocate here, but this is my question. Would a total catch and release of out of season fish be harmful? What I am asking is, is it really a big deal to fish for bass at this time of the year if all of the fish go back in the drink? I am not saying that I practice this illegal activity, but I don't think it causes any harm either. These fish are not spawning now. I think that it would be benifit to Minnesota to leave bass season open to catch and release fishing in the spring and only totaly shut it down for say three weeks covering the spawn. I also feel that the population and overall size of crappies gets pounded on much to heavily in the spring. I am for lowering the crappie bag limit in the spring. People do not need to keep 10 - #1 plus spawning mama crappies. But all of this is just my opinion, anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong!! Please respond - Prodigy
  7. Hey Dennis, I have never fished for sturgeon, and was planning to make this year my first. I would love to give this "Excursion" a shot, and I am sure that I have a few friends that would tag along also. What is the story here, Do I have to register or anything, or should I just show up. Also you said the 21st, that is a Friday, will this be held on a Friday or on the weekend? Please get back to me on this info! Thanks - Prodigy
  8. Hey thanks, I am planning to be somewhere just east of Hudson or St. Croix Falls. If you could give me a heads up I would really appeciate it!! -The Prodigy
  9. Hey everybody, I plan on going to Wisconsin in early March to fish some streams for trout. I will be wading, so if anyone could give me some direction on where to go - I would be very happy. Any suggestions are welcome - Thanks, Prodigy
  10. Does anyone know if I can catch lakers from shore in the spring right in the Duluth area. I have friends at UMD and I need something to do during the day if I go up there to to see them in the spring. How should I fish them? I would think that there would be some good shore and pier fishing around the canals and nearby shores. Thanks for any info! -Prodigy
  11. I thought that the low 50"'s weighed in around the low to mid 30lbs. I am just wondering. I have nothing but congrats and envy for to dude that caught that fish - truely awesome!!! But if anybody could give me a length/weight convertion for a few numbers that would be great. Thanks - The Prodigy
  12. UBB5-ML-625876-ML- Moved to Metro Twin Cities Area Forum
  13. Hey guys, I have never posted on the ice fishing part of this site before and figured it was about time. I was wondering if anyone would give me some direction as to where I should fish lake trout this winter. I have never fished for them through the ice and I had my first open water experience last summer on a pike fishing trip in Canada. The power they have in a fight almost blew my mind. Any advice would be much appriciated. I have to say that when I found this HSOforum it was kind of hard for me to belive that there actually were more people in the world like me - I wasn't sure that there were other people who were as crazy as me about fishing on a big ice cube. I am proven wrong yet again. Thanks for the help - Prodigy
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