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  1. waltinader

    Lake Waconia

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any BASS tournaments on lake Waconia that a guy could get into, if you here of one or are in one please give me some info or a # THANKS WALTER
  2. waltinader

    HSO Forum Members 2008 Turkey Contest

    whats the larest turket you have ever shot?
  3. waltinader

    Strikemaster Differences

    The new strike master has a recall on them, I dont know what one you are looking for but the one got for x-mas was $420 and something with a gear pin broke or something that I am not realy sure, but when I brought it bake to cabelas that was the 13th one brought back that day of the same auger and the guy said that they had a recal. But i dont know if its the same one that you are looking for.
  4. waltinader

    Help Duck Identification

    Its a spoon bill and they taste just fine
  5. waltinader

    FM Bass Fishing Event

    Thanks for every thing and letting me in yesterday morning i had a lot of fun Thanks alot. Walter
  6. waltinader

    Eating Geese

    The best thing to do with geese is make goose jerkey with hickory seasoning.
  7. waltinader

    What was your 1st fish caught on the 2006 opener?

    15 3/4 " walleye was my first opener fish.
  8. waltinader

    How was your opener?

    It was slow we got one 15 3/4 " and the slot limit was 16" so we had to let that one go.
  9. waltinader

    Your Biggest 'Eye?

    My biggest eye was about 3 years ago it was 32 1/2" and weighed 13 lbs 9 oz thats the one in my picture, I caught it on lake Supeior in Duluth.
  10. waltinader

    NHL Playoff's

    Anehiem will win it all.
  11. waltinader

    Opener - Who Starts @ Midnight?

    Im always out at midnight. Less people out and not as much boat traffic than when 5 or 6 o'clock rolls around.
  12. waltinader

    Wave Buster Bobbers

    I havnt even herd of them what stores did you look at that had them.
  13. waltinader

    Minnetonka Tournament

    Ill be heading out around midnight to try to catch that 2 lb slab.
  14. When I woke up this morning I looked out my window and Saw a drake and hen wooduck sitting up in a tree about 20 yards from my house.
  15. waltinader

    benelli shotguns

    One of the best gun that I have ever got was the 3 1-2 " Nova. For every weekend from the start of the metro goose opener to the end of spring snows the Nova I think is one of the best guns you can invest on.