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  1. ice banger

    April Pheasant Hunt/Bar-B-Que

    i left a message on red lake forem but it might be gone if they find it dosent fit so i came here....count me in for 2 and counting...illl send a post on more people....ice banger out
  2. ice banger

    Which ATV to buy$$

    well ive said it before and ill say it again honda formann is a work horse not great for trail riding but for what your looking for it might be just for you...i have a buddy that has the polaris its not even a year old and its in the shop me id stay away from them look at all of them and pick the one that fits your needs i think you will find the honda is the machine...but stay away from the honda es its junk...ice banger out
  3. ice banger

    Recommended Polaris Dealers?

    you might want to talk to the guys at pro sports in ramsey they might shoot you a better deal....
  4. ice banger

    Best cold starting atv

    dont go with the honda es if your gonna get the formann go with the honda s....i have one its a 2001 and my buddy has 2003es it will not move when the batt is not charged all the way unless you buy the shifter....the hondas do start in cold weather better than some...but trail riding on the formann is a challange look around i know that the griz is a hell of a ride.....ice banger out
  5. ice banger

    Slob Hunters

    well i think alot of it comes down to this.these people that call them self hunters are people who have never been out with a real sportsman.they buy the gear and they hit the lakes or swamps and they think because they pay for a license and stamps they are intitled to do whatever they want...last duck opener i seen it frist hand two guys parked there truck in the middle of the trail to block us from getting acess to a slough my family has been hunting since to 40s.we didnt care they were there.the thing that really made me mad is it is state land and they thought they owned the slough...so it brings me to this thought. think back to when you were taken hunting as a child and who took you and what they taught you.im sure that they taught you 1st safty and then respect the land and respect the others around you..i still hunt with my teacher and i still learn from him every year..and i hope when its my turn to pass my wisdom on to somebody i do half as good as my uncle did for me.....ice banger out
  6. ice banger


    bryce im still intrested in a pup...been real busy with work but i seen the web site and i like what i see so lets keep in touch....ice banger out
  7. ice banger

    Honda With High Miles

    well all i have to say is that it is a honda they will take a hell of a beating and keep going.....my advice is after you buy it change the oil and the gear oil in the front and back and ride. hondas hold there value and u can not destroy them i payed 4800. for a 2001 with extras and i love that machine ....my advice is you cant go wrong with a honda..ice banger out
  8. ice banger

    Heavy Heart

    i also feel your pain i had to put my girl down last nov it was the hardest thing i have ever had 2 do ..my casey loved to upland hunt she was a machine hot weather or cold but she just did not have the will to sit still in the blind...in time you will get another buddy and he/she will make more memorys for you but you will always say that the one before was better..take some time and then start over its what she would want..icebanger out
  9. blackjack im sorry to hear about your loss.im also sorry that dog owners do not know what can happen to there hunting partners if they are not fixed.i learned this lesson from my uncle some years ago when he had to put his girl down..and i also had to see my roomates lab with her female parts comming out of her its not a pretty site .your best bet is to if your not gonna breed her get her fixed .they will live a heathler life....ice banger out
  10. ice banger

    ATV or Snowmobile

    well i have to say i bought my sled just for ice fishing it hasent payed off so i bought a honda formann i have to tell you it is a great machine you will use it more than you think i do like the polaris but it has a huge draw back it has a belt so when you get the belt wet it will not move..now a stock formmann dosent have the ground clearence but i put a lift kit in and got bigger tires and i go through more mud and snow than any of the wheelers my friends do why i dont have a belt so that is one thing you have to look at but you have to get what is best for you and in your price range good luck...ice banger out
  11. ice banger

    yellow lab pup

    i have not gotten a puppy yet but im still looking for a female thanks for the help...ice banger out
  12. ice banger

    yellow lab pup

    hey thanks for all the info ill give those 2 a try...ice banger out
  13. ice banger

    yellow lab pup

    im looking to spend up to 500$
  14. well im ready to get a new hunting buddy..i lost my casey last nov bad hips had to put her down..but now its time to move on and get a new pup im looking for a pure breed yellow lab with papers and good hunting parents anyone out there that has a litter or knows of one let me know...ice banger out
  15. ice banger

    Summer Snowmobile Storage

    where are you located in need to store my sled and my portable fish house...ice banger out