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  1. Yes it was a slow bite for our group of six as well last week, although things started to pick up a bit later in the week particularly in the early mornings. Seemed like our best presentation was a bare hook with a 1-1/2" piece of worm. If you are a worm fisherman, try out the new Slow Death or Re-Volve hooks. All in all, by our numbers, it was the worse week of fishing we have had in 15 years but when I tell people we only caught 800 fish, they don't exactly feel sorry for us.
  2. I have gone on electronic bay auctions at least twice and purchased several rolls and found they work just fine. For the best price go in with a few buddies and buy three to five rolls.
  3. I know you can't take leeches across the border from the US to Canada but what about the other way? I don't recall ever being asked by US Customs and was wondering if we could take back what we don't use for leeches.
  4. Just got off the water after a day of fishing in the Canoe area. Right off the bat we ran into a hot spot in six to eight feet of water and picked up a good 12 to 15 in the 17" to 22" range pitching jigs. Looked like a good day a coming. Wrong! It was all over in 30 minutes. Returned to the same spot three hours later and no fish. Where we found fish two days ago there were none. Struggled the rest of the day and ended up with a total of 92 for our group of six. Everywhere from 6 to 22 feet in depth.
  5. Fishing out of Lost Lake area right now. Fishing has been tough with inconsistent bite. Weather has not helped much. Fish have not been aggressive and don't seemed to be schooled up as usual. Have caught fish but the good bite has been restricted to a few hours per day depending on the wind and weather. Headed up the Lake today to the Canoe area. We were up there on Monday and did well for an hour or two once we found them. Returned to the same spot after lunch and no fish! Our group of six has about 400 fish since Sunday but by far the worse fishing we have had in over ten years.
  6. Just curious what experience those involved with the Emergency Deer Feeding program are having? I have been out in the woods the past three weekends in my area and things don't look good in my mind. Crotch deep snow makes it really tough for getting around for man and animal. Luckily I have some pretty nice groomed trails that get me back some three miles off the highway. Have put out some feed but the deer I am seeing really are not taking to it yet. Maybe that will take awhile but as much as I hate to say it, I am more with the group, including the DNR, that thinks its a waste of money. It is, however, a good excuse to get out in the woods.
  7. My son arrowed a couple of wild pigs down in Texas last week and gave me one. I de-boned the hind quarters and made two rump roasts out of each and then cut the loin from the back. Anybody have a particularly good way to cook some up?
  8. Thanks! That was my question primarily related to lodging. I didn't thind a person could get it.
  9. Can a person get a rebate or refund of a portion of the 13% HST tax when visiting Ontario on a fishing trip? I know you could several years ago and then the tax system changed and now I don't know where it stands. Very confusing on the canadian websites.
  10. Made the run to Taylor Island area today. Although the weather forcast was not sounding good we went anyways and we are glad that we did. The morning was hot and calm with a storm blowing through around noon. Fishing is not as in more normal years but it is just a matter of finding the fish as they are are not in the usual spots for this time of year. Again the 13' to 18' depth seems to be the right depth with fish relating more to shorelines. That makes it easy as you just need to pick a good shoreline or point and try it. Pay particular attention to the wind if you have any and look for the breaks from the 10' to 16' depth. After the storm hit we make the circle from Taylor Island to Canoe Bay and checked a few spots. Hit one spot he had luck in a few days ago and they were hot in there. Caught some 50 fish in about 30 minutes. Lots of fun as usual. Will see what tomorrow brings.
  11. Group made it up to Canoe Bay on Monday and did OK but not spectacular. Conditions were pretty windy so made for tough boat handling. Probably took 100 fish. Tuesday very HOT with little wind. Did very well however. Fished a little deeper in the 15' to 18'. Got out Wednesday early to beat the rain which is predicted for the rest of the week. Did very well between 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM with about 100 fish and mostly on the large size. Gold spinners working well with about a third of a crawler. Beat it off the water around 8:30 when the storm blew in. Got the fish cleaned for fish tacos tonight and enjoying a Bloody Mary or two. Total fish count for the group of six around 1,100 since Monday.
  12. Currently at Lac Suel Resort out of Hudson with our group of six. Caught 340 fish today within five miles of camp. Fish primarlily in shallows 10 to 13 feet and mostly on rocks. Headed up to Canoe and the Grassys tomorrow. Probably Taylor Island area on Tuesday as both look to be good weather days.
  13. Can a person bring frozen salted minnows accross the border into Canada?
  14. Get going early with spring to early summer. That's when the deer really want the salt, expecially bucks. Even if you just set out a block on a trail. If there are deer in the area they will find it and make new trails. We like to set blocks out in the late winter as it seems like we never get back out in the woods once spring comes. After Sept 1 the bucks seem to really drop off. A salt block should easily last six months.
  15. I want to try and make some bratwurst but I have seen recipes with 100% pork, 50% pork - 50% beef and everything in between. Is there a tied and true mixture that is most preferred?
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