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  1. I'm picturing the Far Side cartoon: a bunch of moose sitting around a Canandian tavern tipping Molsons and watching hockey. One says, "Yeah, I hear the DNR came through Sawbill to count last Thursday... we were already in Thunder Bay." The other replies, "This outta shut down the hunting season for a while!"
  2. The piano hinge on the well below is 24". I was alone, she got stuck in the net and I did not want to keep 'er out of the water any longer. THAT is a good excuse for not laying it on a tape. And it would never occur to me to claim is was a record fish, even if the hinge were 35" long.
  3. "...For me, it just isn't worth it. Just my .02" Exactly. It's no fun if you're too worried to focus on fishing. My plan is too live long enough to know the ice well enough that I COULD be a cocky jerk and say 'stay home and leave the fish to the real men.' I hope by then I have the wisdom to watch my tongue.
  4. A couple years ago, my eldest tied into a bowfin that had to be 5-6 pounds. Huge thing. Fought it for a few seconds, pulled too hard and SNAP. We retied, he went back and got him again, fought it for several minutes, in weeds, diving hard, all around the boat. Finally got it up to the boat and I scooped it. Twisted his little jig into a corkscrew. The next spring he hooked a 27" 'eye on opening morning, worked it right into the net like a pro. Would he have landed that walleye without the experience of that big, nasty bowfin? Maybe. But, please leave us a few big bowfins out there--I have a daughter coming up. ;-)
  5. No problem with barbed hooks on Lac Seul. Tho' you may want to consider it--to get your line back in the water quicker when the bite is on!
  6. Just a headzup. We were stopped coming back into the States because of a 1945 Corps of Engineers compass in my tackle bag. It has a FEW SPOTS of RADUIM PAINT on it! They made us pull over, remove the compass, rechecked the vehicle/trailer, then rechecked the compass to be sure the isotope matched the first reading! Unbelievable. I hope the border security folks are this good everywhere. Interestingly, they asked if anyone had "a recent medical treatment or an old compass" when we first pulled up. So I'm guessing they can detect cancer radiation treatments as well. Otherwise, crossing was relatively painless. If you drove a long way, find a restroom before you get in line.
  7. You drive to your cabin EVERY weekend, where you probably have your boat parked and waiting. And those of us who can only afford campers and mini-vans and occasional rented access to good fishing lakes are in YOUR way..... I'd finish this thought, but I promised to be nice when I signed up here. Good luck this weekend y'all, and may those of you who only get one or two breaks a summer find the R&R you need.
  8. Hey, what's the worry. Another couple years of gas price hikes, we'll all be on a choo-choo going North to enjoy our RENTED boats, for which the rates will have tripled because of the demand. See ya'all--who can still afford to fish-- at Maddens! (And I do mean, YOU ALL, because that's the only place the train is going.)
  9. Joe, no offense intended here. I am looking for something like this. And I like the old Lunds. But boats 15 years 'younger' on this site are listed in the same price ballpark. Are you willing to negotiate?
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