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  1. I have a 12 year old son that for the past year has read every kayak fishing book, watched every kayak fishing show, memorized every YouTube video, and has walked dogs, mowed lawns, and raked leaves all over the neighborhood to save money for a kayak. I'd appreciate any advice you could give me on what a "fair" entry level fishing kayak could be. I recognize that we aren't in the market for something on the high end of quality, but I want him to get his money's worth. He's saved up about $700 so far. I'm proud of him and don't want to squish his dreams, but don't want him to end up disappointed either. Are there options in that price range? Or is he another summer of saving away? Thanks for your help!
  2. bonefish

    Punching for Bass

    I fish a few lakes that have some super thick weed patches and I want to try using a punch rig to see what I can do. I want to pick up a few weight sizes but not sure what to get. I know out west they use weights that are over 2oz. What is a good starting point for use in MN for a typical millfoil scenario. Is 1oz and 1 1/4 oz enough or too much? Thanks!
  3. I'm continuing my search for a good used trailer and found a dealer that purchased a load of #2800 Bear bunk trailers and selling them for less than most of the used trailers I've looked at. They are new, but have some paint flaws or surface rust. They are all brown/camo color so it's an easy fix - if needed. I'm not familiar with the Bear brand. I think they are the trailer for G3 boats. Has anyone had any experience with them?
  4. Thanks for the link. That helps a bunch. The old trailer is under weight and/or has bad axle since the tires are totally worn on the inside. It was stored outside and is starting to rust, rollers are worn out, and the home-wiring job needs a lot of improvement as well. I'd rather start with the right trailer than try to improve an undersized one.
  5. I purchased a used boat with a trailer that needs to be replaced. It's a 97 Sylvan 17 pro-select. Is there a resource that helps me determine what model/size of trailer I can use? I'd like to get a used trailer, but other than weight I'm not sure how to determine what trailer I can get. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I called these guys a few days ago looking for some help/advice with my electronics. They took the time to make sure that we were talking about the same things, that I was picking the right components, and told me to expect them in about a week. Well, they came in a few days and I couldn't be happier! Thanks Pro Fishing Supply!
  7. I purchased a used 17' Sylvan that came with a Northwoods trailer. The trailer has spent most of it's life out doors and has a bunch of surface rust so it looks prety nasty. I know that there are much better trailers out there, but my question is - is there someone in the twin cities that could sandblast/paint it? If yes, is that economical enough to do vs upgrading to a used Shorelander or other trailers I've seen for $750 - $1000?
  8. I have a 97 Sylvan 17 Pro select with a 130 Evinrude. I purchased it used a few years ago knowing that the trailer was going to need some work or replacement. I'd like to get a new trailer, but not sure how heavy I need. Is there a HSOforum that helps you determine the weight of your loaded boat? If not, does anyone have a similar boat that has an idea of total weight? We take vacations that have us on the road for 4 hours where we often have to use the boat to haul gear. With the potential for some added weight, I'd rather have too much trailer vs not enough - but Im not sure how much trailer I need. Any thoughts?
  9. bonefish


    I'm a rookie with frogs, and I'm just trying to get a grasp of what frogs to start with. There are quite a few variations of frogs out there with big variance in both price and quality. What makes the difference between a $3 Scum frog and a $10 spro? I don't want this to be a price /value discussion as much as I want to know what you look for in a good frog, or what is it about your favorite style of frog that you like so much. Thanks!
  10. I've never been to the swap, so I'm looking forward to my first time. If the swap starts at 7, what time should people with things to sell get there?
  11. Google Lee Tauchen and Go to the "tips" section on his HSOforum. Scroll to the bottom of that section and you can download a very instructive PDF on how he ties his fluoro leaders. He uses a knot only - no crimps.
  12. I'm in. We are headed on our spring break trip to Orlando the next morning, but luckily my wife agreed that our trip would get off to a much better start if I went to the banquet rather than stay home and get everyone packed!
  13. Oooh. A livewell insert. An obvious idea that hasn't been too obvious to me! Looks like I might be running to menards to grab some vinyl downspout tonight for a little project. Thanks!
  14. I have to admit that my wife taught me how to make wire loops. She makes custom jewelry and makes hundreds of loops/day. If you are making smaller spinners with wire that's ~.024-.04, you can get by with jewelry sized pliers that you can get at a craft store. If you plan to make bigger sized baits, you'll want a larger pliers. The one I use for .051 and larger is a knipex. Note: these are not your regular round nosed pliers that have a flat side. With these pliers, each tip is completely round. If you use a traditional round/needle nosed pliers, the loop will be D shaped and the grips from the pliers may leave marks on the wire that can cut your line. There are hundreds of instructional videos on youtube. Just search for making wire loops and you will find tons of options. Many are for making jewelry - but it doesn't matter. The process is all the same.
  15. Oops, and I forgot to add that Missions are made by Matthews, with Matthews technology - but not the goofy looking riser that reminds you of a milk crate
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