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  1. Seth currently in 2nd. He needs just a pound to move into first. Hope he does it!
  2. Hodgie

    Bass Photos

    Got this 21" a couple weeks ago. Looks to be blind in one eye and a little skinny but didn't have any trouble hittin the swim bait just about the second it hit the water. [img:center] [img:center]
  3. Hodgie

    Bass Photos

    Nice white bass! Almost a state record. Bass, White 4-2.4 18.5 / 15.1 Mississippi River Pool 5 Wabasha 05/04/2004
  4. Hodgie

    Bass Photos

    Tube with a Bite me big dude jig head.
  5. Hodgie

    Bass Photos

    21" Fatty [img:left] [img:left]
  6. Lets go sledneck! Can you take a day off in the next 3 weeks? I got some new spots to try.
  7. WOW! what a giant smallmouth. nice fish swampbuck.
  8. Sled, I want to go fishing with you man. Nice fish!
  9. Nice Fish Stacker!!!! I dont blame you last year I didn't post a few of my fish for the same reason. Nice boat too! I love my FishHawk!
  10. Hodgie


    I didnt see tubes on your list, you should try them for sure. Try a wacky rigged senko. or a DT6 or DT4 Rapala.
  11. Sled let's set it up!
  12. Nice Fish Stacker! is that a FishHawk! How do you like that Boat?
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