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    Wbl Smallies

    We caught a few this last weekend. Not so much targeting as just fishing the areas that happen to have some rocks. I got a personal best 21.5" smallie in the weeds Saturday. It was a surprise. Some musky fishermen catch large ones at night trolling.
  2. My dad picked up the 5.1 with the power handle last year. He's almost 70 and has been slowing down a lot. He couldn't throw blades more than a handful of casts before. The 5.1 is fantastic for double 10s and 13s. It's basically effortless. The casting is fantastic (we had Saltists before last year and they aren't good at casting). I just got one last week, they were on sale at Joe's. The 5.1 is just a little too slow for 8s. My dad bought a 6.3:1 in the offseason because he liked it so much. The reel fills in a gap between the toros and the Tranx at an absolutely fantastic price. They don't have the finish of a shimano. But, if they are as durable as they seem to be I think this is a great buy.
  3. I've fished pretty casually for skis 3 times. Maybe a total of 8 hours. I've seen 4 individuals with 2 follows and one hooked for 4 seconds. I feel very fortunate to have seen fish every time out.
  4. My understanding from previous disucssion is that the phone gps is just as accurate. I consider my phone to be way superior than my old garmin.
  5. D Rock told me to use the button. Their reason was that it cleans out the cylinder and prevents flooding on the next start. The first pull is supposed to prime it, some folks do real short lighter pulls to get gas into the cylinder without popping the valve. I've always had better luck using mine with the valve and it starts on the second pull, stays running on the third. I put in a hotter plug (it's optional within the specs). I also use the Opti-2 oil mix packets. There are bunches of debates about this and 100:1 amsoil. I like it. It runs a lot leaner, with less fumes, no oil or drainage in the exhaust and it cuts great. Just my $.02
  6. I've had 5 houses from Clam replaced under warranty. 3 Command Posts Thermal. Hub breakage, Roof seams burst, 1 switchback. Horrible design. Windows shattered in subzero weather. 1 Mag 1660. Huge house. Hasn't broken. Almost impossible to setup solo. Not thermal. Noticeably colder than the command post. Zipper tabs are useless and they provide replacement key rings from the factory. I liked the command post the most when it wasn't broken. They had some crazy quality control issues for a while. Allegedly it was all sorted out, however, they said that constantly for two years. -20 with 40 mph winds on LOW with blown out windows was a very poor experience. Thermal is very nice if you have the option.
  7. I've read about portage and back country lakes in Ontario. I'm super tempted to go next year. Tales of follows on every cast and having more than one fish follow the same cast. It sounds so easy!
  8. Really? 357 magnum has very desirable ballistics. There is not an equivalent round in an autoloader. There is a gap in performance for people that want penetration in an offering smaller than a 10mm frame with more manageable recoil. It seems to me that it was a great evolution of cartridges where 9mm has some inadequacies and wider slower calibers don't offer the penetration associated with speedier bullets.
  9. What do you think of the bonded hollow points? Ammo is definitely a sticking point for the caliber. I don't shoot as much as I would like so the $$$ doesn't factor in quite as much. However, underwood, Buffalo bore, and double tap all make really nice rounds loaded to the original target numbers. I've seen a lot of the commercial range ammo at 1200 fps. I didn't buy the gun to shoot 9mm velocities. Underwood's ammo clock in at 1500+ fps
  10. That's great to hear! Helen was back in Minnesota for a few tests and things while we were up. She is such an awesome tiny woman. She works so hard and is not slowed down by age one little bit. The lodge was having a great weak in the channel. They had 5 fish over 28" the week I was up.
  11. Thanks. That is the usual response. I do have pepper spray. However, I'm usually in a group of 3-6 in the woods. I'm also considering using it for deer hunting in the shotgun/handgun zone. I'm confident with the pistol in what I consider 'bow range'. It is a very powerful caliber and I believe with the right bullet it is versatile. It is preferred in law enforcement/combat for vehicle penetration, which to me sounds like a thick skinned bear.
  12. I've been trying it more and more. My last two fish were on walleye jigs by accident in 30' of water.
  13. I picked up a 357 sig because I like the velocity of the rounds. I fish in Alaska and hunt in Colorado for elk. I'm carrying it for predator defense. I didn't want a huge revolver or a 10mm, so let's not debate other calibers. As far as penetration goes for a 'woods' round most of the discussions I've seen compare 125 grain FMJ 1350 fps to 180 grain hardcast at 1025 fps (slow). But Barnes has a 125 grain tacxp round (I love the barnes in rifles). It goes at 1300 fps. Barnes barrier testing through plywood, steel, windshields etc. is really impressive with a minimum of 13" I have a link to a different HSOforum with all the data, I can share if the moderator allows. Which bullet do you guys think would be best?
  14. I have a gopro hero 2. I haven't used it for musky fishing yet. But it has crystal clear optics, 1080p video, self timer shots etc It wouldn't work well at night without a separate light source. But, you could capture video like EM says and pull images from that. If you watch the gopro promotional videos the image quality is pretty fantastic. And they are only a couple hundred bucks.
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