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  1. I would agree with nearly all of the points made on this thread. There are some great carp fishermen here. I fish almost exclusively for carp and use a fly rod 90% of the time. The city lakes are a great place for big fish. I like to chum them in to the shallows around a ciy fishing dock. Everyone else fishes the end of the dock so you have room and the fish are easier to see when they come in. My favorite technique is to walk the shore slowly in 'carpy' areas to look for active fish. I seldom wade, if you do, stay in one place as was suggested by hogsucker (andy? corey?). They are just too spooky to put up with a lot of mucking about and splashing. I was casting flies to tailing carp YESTERDAY in a secret spring near my house. They snubbed me, but I am going back... Carp Boy
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