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  1. I'll be going on out Sunday during the day. Of course I'll be sitting in my toasty warm perm. But I still have to walk out to it. Hmmmm... maybe I'll drive out there this time.
  2. It took a few hours of working on it, but I was able to replace the starter pulley and the auger works great now. The hardest part was taking the cover off the engine. The manual I have says that all I have to do is remove one nut that connects the fuel tank to a bolt on the engine cover and then remove the fuel tank before unscrewing the other bolts and removing the engine cover. Well, there's a lot more holding the fuel tank on to the engine than just that one nut. I never did figure out hold to get the fuel tank off. I ended up cracking the little plastic loop that extends off the fuel tank and loops over the bolt on the engine cover. Then I could unscrew the bolt underneath it to remove the engine cover. Though this technique did "break" the little plastic loop, it still works fine and you wouldn't realize that I broke it if you looked at it. And I didn't have to remove the fuel tank. After I got the engine cover off, I just followed the instructions in the manual with a couple of exceptions. The manual says to remove the pin holding the rope in the handle and release the rope and let the starter pulley spin and release the tension in the spring. I waited until I took the cover off to do that so I could control how fast that spinning happened. Also, I notice that there was only about 1 rotation of tension in the starter pulley when I released it, so when I put the new one on, I only gave it one rotation of tension. The manual said 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 rotations, and that seemed like too much to me.
  3. I thought I'd post any update on my progress in case anyone else every has this problem with a Jiffy auger. I called Jiffy and using my phone number the automated customer service recommended the three closest authorized Jiffy service centers. So I called up the place nearest my house called River Lake Small Engines and they had the part. It costs $9.95 and I'm going there to get it right now. Also, through some internet searching I found a maintenance guide for TC 300 engines. That's the model of Tecumseh engine in my auger. The url is http://www.cpdonline.com/694782.pdf
  4. I took another look at it when I got home today and made a phone call to a service center. It looks like I broke the plastic piece as I feared. I believe I pulled too hard when trying to start it yesterday and broke the starter pulley. That's the plastic piece that has the rope wrapped around it and engages and turns the flywheel when you pull the rope. Now I need to find the part and attempt to replace it. If anyone else has ever had to replace this part, I'd love to hear about your experience.
  5. I'll take a look at it when I get home today. I brought it inside last night. But I'm doubtful that's the problem, because it was engaging the first few times I pulled it last night. I would have had to have frozen in the 3 seconds between pull number 3 and pull number 4.
  6. Two years ago my dad and I were fishing on Lake of the Isles using euro larvae, and I realized that I still had some euros in my pocket from the week before. They had frozen and died. My dad started using them. He was getting a lot more action that I was. And he was fishing about 3 feet to the left of me.
  7. I have a Jiffy 2hp gas auger with a Tecumseh engine. I broke it while trying to start it last night. I was pulling on the cord to start it and then it suddenly lost resistance. It's like I can feel the cord is not engaging with the engine. The cord still retracts, though. When I peeked inside the engine, it looks like the cord rotates this little black plastic piece which is somehow supposed to connect to the engine and turn it over, but it looks like I snapped something off that black plastic piece. Anyone know what the piece is called? where I can buy a replacement? can I replace this myself or do I need special tools? thanks
  8. If things fall through with the other guys, I'm your man. I can come by tomorrow with cash. My email is [email protected] .
  9. I get what your saying, and the way the regulation is worded, it makes sense that the crankbait would be considered artificial even if a worm is added to it. It just seems weird to me. I'm sitting here thinking about the regulation and the intention behind it. Why would a treble hook with live bait be illegal? I'm thinking because it makes catching fish easier and because it could make caught fish die more easily (the fish swallows the live bait and it's impossible to get the 3 hooks out). So why is it suddenly okay to bait the treble hook if it's attached to a lure? Wouldn't the combination of a lure and live bait be more enticing for the fish to bite than if the baited treble hook was by itself? So why does it become legal?
  10. I thought it was illegal to use live bait on a treble hook: http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/rlp/regulations/fishing/fishing2006.pdf See page 10, the first bullet under "Angling Methods" "Anglers may use only one hook. An artificial lure is considered one hook. A treble hook, when not part of an artificial lure, is considered three hooks and is not legal." By adding a worm to the first treble hook of the crankbait, you'd be using live bait on the treble hook and that would make that hook NOT artificial, right? So it would be illegal. Have I got it wrong? What am I missing?
  11. Saw this in the Strib: http://www.startribune.com/531/story/589146.html Tip #5 says to add a piece of crawler to the front treble hook of a crankbait. Uh, wouldn't that be illegal?
  12. I have a Fishmark 480 and a Fishmark 320 and I am very satisfied with it. It marks the bottom. It marks the fish. And it holds the bottom even when I'm going up to 40 mph.
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