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  1. I've had crappy luck at night so far. Apparently these northern fish didn't get the memo that its supposed to be better. At least the wind tends to go down after dark. Give me a sunny still 80 degree day anytime.
  2. There are no rivers on the current night list. After August ist rivers are okay EXCEPT where city ordinances resrict weapon discharge.
  3. I know you bowfish, that's why it bothers me to have you say something like that. No one's talking about eradicating Buffalo, but they are a big, prolific, underutilized species and aside from maybe some of the nonnative fishermen those fish taken with bow are probably the only Buffalo harvested from that lake. Compare that with hauling pail after pail of Bluegill and Crappie out of a lake and I don't think its anything to get too worried about. By the way I do smoke all my Suckers and eat quite a few Buffalo.
  4. I didnt get after any Buff this weekend but did get 33 big carp on Sunday. Several 20-25 lbs. Definately good action. Wiggum, we know you like Buffalo, but this is the BOWFISHING section. Dont come on here and bash someone for legally harvesting rough fish with bow and arrow. Save that for the rough fish section. Our sport doesnt need the division.
  5. Been seeing plenty of carp lately, should be a great weekend for bowfishing, gonna look for Buffalo.
  6. I've been out a few times. Honestly not that impressed with it, did allright last night though. Nice option to have on cloudy days or too much work to do. Guess I can sleep when I'm dead!
  7. Im not from that area, but I have bowfished Buffalo Lake before and its very good. Weedy, tendency to get green, but good. You're close to Clearwater Lake too, also a good rough fish lake with some good sized carp in it. Let us know how you do!
  8. You could shoot them after July 1 before but the wording in the book has changed so it doesnt specifically say anything about bowfishing. I've tried to contact the DNR for clarification but havent gotten a response. If anyone finds out anything for sure post it up.
  9. That video reminds me of the opening of "Dances with Wolves"...
  10. I dont know what happened to your post, but what you saw was probably the LLBA kids day outing. They take a pile of kids out for a bowfishing experience they'll never forget. That event is growing every year.
  11. They should know that on this page everything's gonna be dead!
  12. I'll be running 5 300 watt halogens off a generator this year. Havent tried it out yet but it should do for now. Probably like everything else it will be something that keeps growing over time.
  13. DON'T throw them out in a farmer's field without permission! That's a quick way to make a bad reputation for bowfishermen. Speaking as a farmer and a bowfisher, if I found a pile of dead fish in one of my fields it would not go over well!
  14. This is probably the number one biggest problem facing serious bowfishermen, what to do with the catch? Everything I dont smoke or keep for bear bait goes into a manure pile for compost, a couple tons per year. The compost I sell to neighboring berry farmers or nurseries or spread it on my fields. This works great for me, I can use all I get but obviously not everyone has a manure pile, loader tractor and fields to put it on. There are places that will take the fish though, as mentioned mink farms or livestock farms, also some compost operations will take them in. The leg work has to be done before hand though, not when you have two 55's full of fish starting to stink! Everyone that plans to get serious about this owes it to the sport to line up some sort of disposal options because it will be a problem and dumping in the ditch or landing is not an option.
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