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  1. Now that the weather is cooling down, when do the Walleyes usually quit biting in the fall? It is going to be 30-40 degrees all week, will it be worth it to fish from shore in the evening, and how long does the fall bite usually last?
  2. Does anyone have success with creek chubs? I havent had any luck yet this fall with rapalas or jigs, Should I try still fishing with chubs? I usually fish the evening hours from shore. Thanks for any advice.
  3. I picked up some 3.5 inch 2 shot steel, 1 3/8 oz. for ducks, will that work well for roosters also or should I downsize for them? Thanks
  4. seems funny outfitter17 that you care about how people fish for pike because they might be killing nice fish that way, when you have two monster bucks killed in your pic, one in each hand!
  5. I noticed a lot of people use 6 and a half or 7 foot rods, do you get better hook sets with a longer rod, or what is the reason for it? I use a 5 and a half foot light action and it seems to work fine, but would I be better off with going bigger?
  6. does anyone have any advice on what type of Rapala works best fishing walleyes from shore? Also any certain color work better for the most part? I can only purchase a couple since they are over 6 bucks, what do you guys recommend? Thanks
  7. has anyone used smelt for pike, and how does it work? I picked up a dozen up north this winter when we went to Red, and I still have them in my freezer. I have heard they work great for big pike, but how do you fish them? under a bobber or right on the bottom? thanks for any tips.
  8. Well thanks for recommending me to NAVHDA, I just checked out their HSOforum and volunteered to help out out at the show Aug. 28-31st. I cant wait to check it out, and never knew it existed, thanks to everyone on here I will get a very good look at all the breeds and pick one that I want for a hunting partner, might be tough to get me off the GSP though!!
  9. wow thanks for all the info, that really helps me out. only problem is the owner of the shorthair I wanted was going to hold him for me for 1 day until I could pick him up, she decided to let him go to someone else 2 hours after she said she would hold him, so that [PoorWordUsage] me off. so im still looking. it sounds like a shorthair will be a great dog and just what im looking for, and I would like some more info on NAVHDA, im not even sure what it stands for, but sounds like something I would be really interested in checking out. does anyone have any info?
  10. thanks for the info, but im not too worried about the cold water, I hunt pheasants 80 percent and ducks 20 percent of the time. and when I hunt ducks, im what they call a puddle jumper, I have a couple water holes I hit each day for 10 min. each and im gone so the dog wouldnt be exposed to the cold water long, and towards the end of duck season im hunting roosters anyways. would a shorthair be a good choice in that situation?
  11. Does anyone have any input on a german shorthair? Im looking for a waterfoul and upland dog, I always thought they were only upland dogs, but recently heard they were waterfoul dogs, is this true?
  12. I have been searching for a hunting dog for a while now, I have asked for advice on this forum, and now i have a new question. A few days ago I picked up a young male cocker spaniel that I almost ran over. So I have his ad in the paper, no one called on him, he is a great dog and I would love to keep him, only problem is I already have 2 dogs and swore I would only get a third if it was a hunting dog because my dads lab is getting old and we need a new hunting partner. Does anyone have any advice on cocker spaniels? He looks to be about 2-4 years old and around 35 pounds. Thanks for any info.
  13. thanks for all the info, I would be interested in a griffon or german wirehair, are they both good waterfoul and upland hunters?
  14. My dad has an 8 year old female black lab, she is a great hunter, waterfoul and pheasant. only problem is she that lasts about 2 hours or so in the field before we stop her, she loves it so much she would probably run herself to death, but she gets very tired quickly. so we are trying to be careful with her, I think 8 sounds a little young for a dog to get this tuckered out, but this is our first experience with a hunting dog. how old are most dogs before they have to give it up and stay home? Thanks
  15. yeah I paid 80 dollars with shipping for mine so I hope it was worth it, but by the way is sounds it should be a good unit, thanks for the info.
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