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  1. Well, after two and a half hours on the phone with Netgear and Comcast I have no resolution. Comcast is coming out to the house on Wednesday to see what the problem is. I am on the 150 mbs plan and I still only get around 30 on a speed test. Even when I wire directly to the router the performance is the same. I may upgrade to the Roku Ultra as well.
  2. A few months ago we decided to cut the cord. We kept our Xfinity internet and transitioned to Roku with Hulu live. We also have Prime and Netflix. So far everything has been good and haven't missed cable at all. The only issue we have is that at times our screen will freeze or flicker. I am using the Roku Stick+ and the two main televisions we watch are within 50 feet of our router on the same level of the house (rambler). I ran the speed test on my internet a few times and it fluctuates between DL 22.43/UL 4.03 to DL 32.62/UL 5.11. I recently purchased a new Netgear AC 1900 wireless router, so that should be fine. I went to Best Buy to ask some questions on how to improve performance and they said I should buy the Google wifi mesh router. It was pretty expensive, so I thought I would ask this group if anyone had a similar situation and what they did. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. What internal temp did you smoke it to before searing? Also, what temp did you set the grill? I usually do 275 and get the internal temp of the meat to 115 and then sear. Some guys use a lower smoke temp to start for more smoke flavor, but I have never done it that way. That looks great!
  4. Just wanted to close out this post. It was the light switch in the bed that was causing the lights to turn on and off. Problem fixed.
  5. Mine cooks fairly even. Trick is to let it heat up for about 20+ minutes before using. Wondering if anyone has used one of these to clean their griddle. I saw a guy in our cafeteria cleaning the flat top with this thing and I asked him what it was. He said they are the trick to keeping their commercial griddles clean.
  6. I actually bought this carbon steel griddle from Lodge last fall and prefer it. Use it on both the stove top and the grill. The Blackstone will be retired and given to a friend who wants it.
  7. I have the same portable griddle at home and prefer it over the standalone at the lake. The best thing we make on the griddle is blackened fish tacos. It makes a mess and a lot of smoke, so being outdoors is a plus. Breakfast is decent and the fried rice, habachi style, is good. If you are a fan of real coney dogs like the Gopher Bar, then this will help you get close to the same flavor. Have to griddle the dogs a little crisp and toast the buns with butter.
  8. Agreed. Seems like Kepler is more of a 5-7 slot hitter. If Buxton could live up to the hype, having him lead off would be great with the rest of this lineup. Ricky Henderson like. Little bit of power and a lot of speed.
  9. About half the cost of a green egg with similar results.
  10. Saw those and the ceramic. I didn't know Louisiana made a ceramic kamado and it was only $599.
  11. I just bought a Louisiana pellet grill from Costco on Sunday for $599. We were walking through Costco and the wife said why don't you get rid of the gas grill and buy this. She even prefers cooking on, and the food flavor from our other pellet grill. I haven't found anything better than my green egg, but for weeknight work, the pellet grill is perfect. Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Grill with Flame Broiler Features: 48,000 BTUs 180° - 600° Cooking Temperature Range 913 Sq. In. Total Cooking Area Programmable Meat Probe Included Cover Included
  12. That's interesting. I was actually thinking about swapping out my Weber Summit on the deck at home with another pellet grill. Mine is at the cabin and we only get to use it on the weekends.
  13. Thanks! The first pic is a brisket and pork butt. The jalapeno poppers are my new favorite. I used to do the atomic buffalo turds. These are jalapeno halves filled with a mixture of chorizo and cream cheese. I add a little finely shredded cheddar to the top of each one at the end. I even tried adding a little chili powder or pork rub to the mixture for added flavor, but they really don't need it.
  14. I fell victim to buying one of those overpriced pellet grills as well. I guess I’ll have a slice of humble pie with some of the food I made.
  15. To be, or not to be, that is the question.
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