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  1. Moonshine

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    Wow, I didn't think single stage versus 2 stage snow throwers would become a Ford vs Chevy conversation. My take is that for the average home owner with a flat, concrete/asphalt, standard three stall garage wide driveway, the single stage should suffice. I will continue using my 2 stage at the cabin on the driveway and gravel parking/walkways. Leech has me concerned on the Honda single stage, so now I just need to determine which to buy.
  2. Moonshine

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    I just re-read Dave's message. Didn't realize it was an "or", not an "and" in that sentence.
  3. Moonshine

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    Agreed that will help calm my nerves when I see a big pile of snow pushed up in my yard, but I was looking to stop it from happening.
  4. Moonshine

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    I thought they were all 4-cycle. The ones I saw so fare were.
  5. Moonshine

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    Great feedback. I guess I will go with the single stage. Just wish I had a solution for keeping the plow driver from pushing our entire culdesac's snow onto my lawn.
  6. Moonshine

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    I have an 8-10 year old 2 stage toro snow thrower that I have had no issues with, however looking to purchase a single stage Honda (HS720ASA). At home I have a relatively flat concrete driveway 40 feet long by 33 feet wide. I also have a paved walkway and patio leading to the front door. The toro works great, but it is so bulky to maneuver and seems like overkill for what I am clearing. Also, when I am out of town and it snow, the wife is not able to use the two stage. The single stage might be easier for both of us, but I don't want to buy something that will be insufficient. I live in the cities, in a culdesac, and get large piles of snow at the end of my driveway. My question is if others who have purchased a single stage under similar conditions have been happy with their purchase? I can use the Toro at our cabin around the garage, house and parking areas. I have been digging up my lawn with the ATV plow and am tired of reseeding every spring. Hopefully this will give me the best of both worlds. Appreciate the insight.
  7. Moonshine

    Just Food and Drink

    Yes, it is pork. The whole layered seasoned pork mound is cooking to the right of the guy in the chef coat. It is cooked with lump coal.
  8. Moonshine

    Just Food and Drink

    Tacos Al Pastor.
  9. Moonshine


    I was looking to purchase a Forscan diagnostic interface for my 2017 F150. The main reason is to permanently disable the auto start/stop. Does any one have experience with these? I saw a couple other things I could do such as disable the seat belt ding and have fog lights stay on when the headlights are on auto. Anyone else find a useful change they made to a Ford/Mazda with Forscan?
  10. Moonshine

    Vikings vs eagles

    The Vikings have to win. I can't imagine having to deal with the Eagle fans who will be here for the Super Bowl if they win. The Eagles/Falcons game last week was pretty sloppy. Neither team looked great. I know the Eagles regular season record is impressive, but look at their schedule/results this year. The win against the Panthers in week 6 is a good win and the week 14 win on the road against the Rams is impressive. The rest of their schedule was horrible. 1 Sep 10 PHI 30 @ WAS 17 2 Sep 17 PHI 20 @ KC 27 3 Sep 24 NYG 24 @ PHI 27 4 Oct 01 PHI 26 @ LAC 24 5 Oct 08 ARI 7 @ PHI 34 6 Oct 12 PHI 28 @ CAR 23 7 Oct 23 WAS 24 @ PHI 34 8 Oct 29 SF 10 @ PHI 33 9 Nov 05 DEN 23 @ PHI 51 10 Bye 11 Nov 19 PHI 37 @ DAL 9 12 Nov 26 CHI 3 @ PHI 31 13 Dec 03 PHI 10 @ SEA 24 14 Dec 10 PHI 43 @ LA 35 15 Dec 17 PHI 34 @ NYG 29 16 Dec 25 OAK 10 @ PHI 19 17 Dec 31 DAL 6 @ PHI 0
  11. Moonshine

    Ski Doo Coolant

    I was doing some maintenance on my 2014 Ski Doo Renegade and noticed the coolant reservoir was really low. When I was at the dealership I picked up the BRP XPS coolant. The display says their is coolant specifically for machines 2013 & newer and coolant specifically for ski doo's older than 2013. I also have a 2012 Renegade that could use a top off on the coolant reservoir as well. Is there really a difference in the coolant? Can I use it in both machines? The guy at the dealership could not answer the question as he was not a service tech. Thanks for the help!
  12. Moonshine

    Teddy goes down

    I think we all need to keep in mind that the defense is basically the exact same group of players and coaches that were together all of last year. They should be performing better than the offense. Whereas, the offense has been completely reshaped during the off season and through injury. It will take time to gel. Also, remember the impact Diggs made last year once he was ready to play. Zimmer just made the same comment about Treadwell not being ready yet. Not saying he will make a huge impact, but he could provide an improvement over Johnson. The O line needs to get it figured out. Berger is solid, Fusco and Clemmings are improving. Boone/Sirles and Smith need to get better quickly. The defense carried the team through the last two weeks, which are also the most difficult weeks with the exception of GB in GB. They are in great shape with what appears to be a favorable schedule based on early results in the NFL. If the offense improves and the defense remains solid, they should have a good chance to win in most games. Not saying they will win all games, just a chance to win. And hope it doesn't come down to a last second field goal!
  13. Moonshine

    Canning thread 2016

    Thanks Early Riser! Beans are definitely coming in. I will try both recipes. The tomato sauce sounds spot on. Someone posted a thread about stuffed peppers. I can remember my mom and grandmothers recipe always had a jar of tomato sauce. About a third went into the ground beef, rice and onion mixture that got stuffed into the peppers and the rest was poured over the top when baking.
  14. Moonshine

    Canning thread 2016

    The vacuum sealer will seal the jars like pouring hot brine into the jar and letting cool with the lids on. They do indent so there is no/or little air in the jar. I boil my jars and lids before filling so they are already sterilized. One of the first times I tried to make peppers, I poured the hot liquid over the peppers and they were very mushy when I opened the jars. Tried it again with more alum and grape leaves, same result. The hot brine is not good. A buddy told me about the vacuum sealer trick and I have been doing it since with great results. Very easy and great crisp to the peppers. Just made another five quarts last night after picking from the garden. Been eating my own, my friends and his dads all made the same way for years.
  15. Moonshine

    Canning thread 2016

    Would you mind sharing your tomato sauce and dilly bean recipes? When I was younger I used to help my grandmother make canned tomatoes and I have not been able to find a recipe that turned out the same. From what I can remember, we blanched the tomatoes to remove the skins and then cooked them down, but that's about all I remember. I believe it was a hot bath as well. The tomatoes were not chunky in the jar. They were more of a sauce. She made the best spaghetti sauce with it and it was an excellent chili/soup base. I know we didn't run them threw any kind of grinder either. Help anyone? Last year I posted a canning question that I did not receive much feedback, so I thought I would ask again. Does anyone use a vacuum sealer jar lid attachment for canning peppers and pickles? I have been using a friends recipe for peppers and they turn out excellent. Very crisp! Anyone have a pickle or any other recipes they care to share for vacuum sealer use? Here is the banana pepper recipe: Mix: 3 cups of cold water (filtered or spring works best) per 1 cup of white vinegar In each jar: Add 2 toes of garlic, 1 tablespoon of canning salt, 1 tablespoon pickling spice and 1/4 teaspoon of alum. Stuff jars with peppers cut in half (or however you choose). I usually add a half habanero to a few of my jars for hotter peppers. Fill with brine to cover peppers, add about a teaspoon of corn oil to the top of each jar before you lid and seal them. Seal with vacuum sealer attachment and store a few weeks before opening. They can be shelf stored and not refrigerated until opened. Thanks!