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  1. Data from LOTW Control Board basin data at http://www.lwcb.ca/waterflowdata.html suggests that the level of Lac Seul is just about average for the first week of June. Just to be sure, I'll volunteer to go to Chamberlin on teh 19th to check
  2. Chamberlin Narrow June 20 - 26. First off remember that Lac Seul is the First Nations word for "Fish Factory". Whatever reports you have heard about terribel fishing is an aboration. It has been claimed that you can catch walleye on any point in the lake. That may,or may not, be true. What I can report is that our boat caught walleye on 21 of 22 spots we fished last week. Either there are really a lot of walleye in the lake (true) or after 10 years up there we know what spots to fish (possibly). I can also report that the fish were not where we typically would have found them the third week in June. As reported previously they were found shallower (6-8' instead of 12-15') and on softer bottoms that we have come to expect. We did not use any live bait in our boat. Almost exclusivly Gulp! Other boat used a few leaches, but found no real benefit. The lake seems to be about 10 days behind "normal" but with the warm WX last week I'm thinking it will get back to average in the next week or so. Water level is not a problem. Easy passage through the Rags, and more beach to pull the boats up on. Weed growth is, as one would expect, less that usual for this time of year. Seemed to be a really nice run of walleye sizes. Not too many 'cigars'; enough 16 - 17.5 keepers; lots of 18-19 slot fish and quite a few of the 20"+ big girls. Biggest of the trip was 26" Northern were less obvious than in past years, but the group did manage to scrape out a bunch. Largest was 44". Muskies were not playing last week. Not surprising with the cooler water. Largest was 35", smallest maximum size we have ever reported. I'll post a link to pix later. Dan- shoot me a note at [email protected] for some personal info. Lakeside
  3. SCONSOTAN: We're headed up to Chamberlin Narrows on Saturday, for a week. When and where are you headed? Only reports I have heard are from two weeks, when the water was indeed cold. Hopefully it's warmed up some by this weekend.
  4. Spook - Thanks for the link! Amazing images. Good luck with your trip out to camp. We heard the tales and saw the video of last years adventure. I'll bet you don't want to repeat this year! The picture was indeed taken on a trip to Chamberlin Narrows, but not on the first island to teh south (I know just where you are thinking) it was north of camp. Kind of a spot on a spot on a spot place that we discovered one day, and now visit every year.
  5. Hey Dan - What's with the later dates? Kids summer activities schedules? Our group has changed dates (and lakes for that matter) to accomodate school and sports schedules over the 22 years we have been doing our trips. Always worthwhile. I'll certainly send you a note after our trip this year. I don't think we say you last year at the end of our trip. Take a look at the pictures starting at http://www.whitefishdesigns.com/albums/V6/2008V6/DSCN5065.html .Even for Lac Seul it was an amazing day. Good luck!
  6. Hey Spook, can you post the link to the satallite source page, or shoot it to me as a PM? We're not headed to Chamberlin Narrows until 20 June, so the only ice we worry about is in the beer cooler, but being a techno-junkie I'd love to be able to see how the season is unfolding.
  7. I'll weigh in with my experience. Never fished Rainy, but my two sons and I have fished Lac Suel for 12 years. Five on the west end and the last 7 out of Sioux Lookout. The fishery is somewhat different between the two. We caught more fish on the west side, but bigger fish to the east. 100 fish days were not unusual then with lots of little pike in the mix. (# 2 son once had a 100 pike day). That said, our fishing style has changed a bit over the years as well as location. Every day we see guys (it's almost all guys in camp when we are there) who claim to have 100+ walleye days. We figure they go out and sit on the 'eyes all day. We'll fish with our jig sticks long enough in the morning to catch fish for lunch or dinner, then someone will say "this is boring" and we'll get out the big sticks. We will typically catch 30 fish in 3 hours or so, almost all on jig and plastic (Gulp Alive was killer last year). The afternoon and evening is spent casting for pike. I'll disagree with CodyDawg on the size of pike. 38" is common and 40+ not rare. Largest last year was 44". And then there are the miskies! There have been some very, very big fish in and out of our boat every year. CodyDawg is spot on about smallies. Before Lac Suel we fished LotW for many years. We are dedicated smallie fishermen, and look for them whenever we can. Rarely find them on Lac Suel. As a combination of reliable steady walleye action and the opportunity for world class big fish I don't know of a better lake. That is of course why we go back year after year. 52 days and counting.
  8. Chaff - Our group of 6 fished out of Scout Lake's outpost on McKenzie Bay several years. That was about 10 years ago, so I can not comment directly on the fishery on that end of the lake today. What I can tell you is that Roland and Liz were great hosts. I still visit them each year at the Sports Show and am welcomed as a friend. Good people on a great lake, what's not to like? If you have fished Lac Seul you know what I mean, if not you are in for a treat. By all means go, you will have a ball.
  9. Not exactly the same sort of dire situatioin, but one that illustrates the point well. 22 years ago my sons (age 8 & 10 at the time) and I were fishing in off teh Tug Channel on LotW in early July on a really hot and sunny day. We were in a camp boat (the typical 16" with a 25 hp Johnson), about 30 minutes from camp. We were fishing in a rather out of the ordinary spot but had good maps and knew exactly where we were. Still, we probably looked pretty sorry when a "fancy fishing boat" pulled up and asked if we knew where we were. "we sure do" was the answer, which was good because they did not. I gave them directions back to Oak Island and sketched a quick map. They handed over three ice cold Coca-Colas before they left. I don't think anything ever tasted better. Lessons to the boys - be prepared, help you fellow sportsmen and you will be rewarded. In this case both in the heart and the stomach. 22 years later we are still fishing and hunting together. We've been helped by others (a family on 4 wheelers who helped us track and haul out a wounded deer that ran a mile into the woods) and helped others (just last summer, fishing on Lac Seul we observed a camp boat obviously lost, we actually led them through a series of islands to where they could see the passage to their camp). We reflected back to that day, years ago. What goes around, comes around. LIke most of the other posters say, there really isn't even a question here. If you call yourself a fisherman, or a sportsman or a Minnesotan, you help out because it's the right thing to do. Period.
  10. Dan: We'll be there the same time as your crew again this year. In on the 21st and out the 28th. Same grey 'lumacraft boats. See you up there. Bob
  11. Chamberlin Narrows, Ojibway Outfiters. More BIG fish than we have found anywhere else in Canada. And we've been at it for 20 years.
  12. We used XM last year at Chamberlin Narrows. We had to put the antenna outside the cabin, and point it low in the sky, but it worked great. I've got the MyFi unit, so we had to "broadcast" from the XM reciever to an FM radio. (Didn't have any problem finding an open frequency). Plan on doing the same thing again in just 5 days! Radke, where are you going to be? JR
  13. Just to make it real clear, because that is what the officers from the MNR did when they visited our boat two years ago: If the fish is in your boat it must be dead. If it is not dead it must be released immeadiatly. Doesn't matter if it is in a livewell, cooler, in water or on ice. If you don't immeadiatly release it you must immeadiatly kill it. They were very polite about the matter, but left zero room for interpetation. After that we had a nice chat about fathers and sons fishing together etc (We'll be back for our 20th year week after next). JR
  14. Hi FishHead. Been good, how about you? We'll be back again this year with the full crew. Happy to say Grandpa will be there again this year. (Guess I could qualify that a bit; Gregg also became a grandfather over the winter, and I again for the third time). I suppose the lower water could lead to more lower unit damage, but it waas two years ago that I lost a skeg (but nothing worse) in relativly high water. So the rocks are always there, just a different set with different water levels See you in a few weeks!
  15. The water is up a half meter in the last week, now about the 25th percentile (3 out of four years see higher water for this date). Still a long way to go to be where it typically is at the end of June. Wensel - are you going up to Ojibway on the 22nd? If so, we'll pick up any boat parts you loose on the way up. We'll be there June 23 - 30. JRN
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