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  1. I just checked Cabelas and the same "reconditioned" motor-which is basically a motor that broke and is fixed- is running $830. Assuming you have the weedless prop.
  2. $425 for a Maxxum 74 is a steal. I own the same trolling motor and wouldn't even think of getting rid of it for that price. Everyone should be trying to buy this.
  3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it is illegal for a paid public employee, ie police, teacher, etc for receiving additional compensation for something you should already be doing. I believe there is even a term for it. I completely understand the arguement both ways. My opinion, if you want to keep in touch with a guide for future trips, information, etc give him a tip. If you enjoyed your time on the water, give him a tip. I don't believe you should ever feel obligated to do it. I don't believe the guide should ever feel slighted if a tip wasn't given. If he doesn't feel he is making enough money, he should raise his rates. Plain and simple. The problem for the guides is there that market will only put up with slight price varriances. A guide can't raise his rates $150/day and expect to have the same volume. That's all I have to say about that. Good ahead, rip away.
  4. double_dog


    I don't think the same laws apply while boating that do apply while driving a car. For example, you can have an open bottle in a boat, but not a car. You ABSOLUTELY DO still need to be under the blood-alcohol level of your state however if you are operating a motor vehicle on the water (ie boats, jet ski, etc).
  5. All right, Now I was listening to a Outdoor Talk show last Saturday and they specifically addressed this issue. The DNR officer clearly stated that it was against the law to fish for walleye when you already have your possession limit. He stated that if you caught one, you would have one fish over your limit immediately. This seems to contradict what our DNR Information Consultant friend is telling us. Does anyone have something directly from the DNR in writing addressing this??????
  6. After reading this, I would say it is legal. What is the difference how many fish you have/don't have if you are returning everything you catch back into the water? Possession seems to be outlined as in the livewell.
  7. A post brought up in another forum brought me to this question. Is is legal to catch your limit of, say walleye, and continue to fish catching and releasing? I would think it would be as long as I'm not just trying to catch bigger walleye and sorting through my livewell. I'm pretty sure that would be illegal? Thanks.
  8. Is it legal to fish with rattle reels during the night when you are sleeping? Or is that considered an unattended line by the DNR? Just curious.
  9. I would probably be upset about it too. But, hotspots usually only stay hot a short period and then they go cold. Start looking for the next hotspot now. And, yes, COs have a thankless job and I wouldn't want it. But I'm glad they do.
  10. I think the point is, he is obviously keeping the bucket down there to keep minnows alive with full intention of coming back and reusing them. This would be the same as the minnow trap idea. It would only be littering if it was never retrieved. I think it is a fine idea.
  11. From what I understand, in stained water fish will bite most anytime. But in really clear water, some of the best fishing is done at night. Can anyone confirm that?
  12. I see nothing wrong with someone saying what the current price of the item is going for brand new at other stores. The old unit and chip COULD be purchased by anyone cheaper brand new. That is all he is saying. It is a great unit though, I have one and would recommend it to anyone. The old chip is difficult to try and sell with the unit, however. Seems like not too many people are interested in the 06 chip. I had the same problem. Good luck and to whoever buys this unit, congrats! You will not be dissapointed.
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