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  1. picked up a couple dozen last night myself! cant wait to dunk em'
  2. Just curious to ask if there are any regulations to motorized boats/motors on Medicine lake. Thanks.
  3. I fished the Pere Marquette and its absolutely fabulous! If you get a chance to hit those rivers during the run, definately get out there and enjoy!
  4. There are so many rude and ignorant people out there. I guess thats why I dont fish the lakes in the Twin Cities area and stick to the northern lakes.
  5. I think most bait and tackle are 30 percent off right now, I asked them when they were movin and she said around august 27th, depending on the movement on their stock. I was there yesterday.
  6. What pound test do you use for a leader line?
  7. Well I was on Grand Lake up by Twig and caught a mess of decent crappies.
  8. You know it. I couldnt make it out last weekend, and wont be able to make it out fer another couple weeks. I am goin crazy and gettin pretty jealous with all the stories I am hearing about the nice walleyes being pulled. Well at least we stayed warm over the weekend.
  9. Just curious what size drift sock to purchase. I own a 16ft fiberglass tri-hull. I dont wanna go to big to slow me down or to small to not hit the proper drift I need. There were 2 or 3 different sizes, just wanna get it right the first time. What ya guys suggest? Thanks!
  10. Hey Doser. I also pick my own crawlers. How long have you kept them? I seem to never get them to stay alive more then 2 weeks. I have one of those crawler boxes with the worm stuffing and food. Maybe I am not keeping the temperature right then. Have anyone tired to trap any minnows?
  11. Oh I hear ya on the specie openers, I would never fish illegally. Just been a long winter and I am getting giddy.
  12. Thanks for the help guys. Also what would ya suggest for a good bass setup? I figure 7 foot medium action rod. I was looking at the Pfluger President 9 bearing reel. Is there much difference really from 9 bearings to 4-5 bearings? Also whats a good line to spool up fer bass? I mainly texas rig. Cant wait, less then a week away. Been waiting for this weekend all winter.
  13. Hello everyone. Could anyone suggest a nice combo for pike and muskie. Looking for a nice rod, reel and line to use. Nothing very expense though. Just something reasonabily priced. Thanks!
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