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  1. I have some long42" light moderatefast blanks. But not line through style.
  2. I dont understand. The No Fun league .. Rice upper cuts his girlfreind/ fiance' out of pure aggression and rage . KO'S her and the nfl will allow this turd to play .. the same type of behavior petersons kid exhibits .. when peterson whooped his kid .. to hard and to far sure ? .. but out of discipline.. not anger and lets face it ..a time out wasnt gonna do any thing but encourage the boy to continue behaving the way he has been .. and suffer near zero punishment . Heck might as well give him a X box madden football while he was in time out .. 10 years later we can all head about how some cop killed his kid while he was knocking oved a liquor store later on in life .. where where his parents? . Did they not discipline . Him. How di he get the gun ?? ..... Oh Please!!! You cant win.
  3. I ordered one . From mudhole.. F.Y.I as with other blanks you get what ya pay for . :-(
  4. Ye ive had an engine freeze but was my own fault keep the lower unit under water at all times .and either start engine every once in a while .. to help prvent it feom freezing .. if it would lock up remozve engine cover and rotate fly back and forth by hand till impellar breaks free. And pray you dont brake it
  5. Anybody have one of these installed they could post or text me a picture of ??
  6. They accepted the plea . Maybe the case wasnt as solid as the media made it to be
  7. By suspending AP , for 8 weeks prior to court preeceding The vikings organization and NFL in fact found him guilty of child abuse (felony) ,before the judicial system found him guilty of assault ( gross misdermeaner) ..Just as if the mother had pulled out a gun and shot him before he was charges and sentenced in a court of law . Leave it to the NFL to think they are bigger than the law. .Time has been served .. Fining him at this point is pointless and only strengthens the case, Peterson and NFLPA. Could possibly contest that premature actions by the NFL resulted in defamation of charecter..
  8. Although he did over throw jennings .. , Patterson " lost it in the sun" ( still looked uncatchable ) being constantly flushed from both sides of the pocket isnt helping him none .. also he seemed to play better when playing from behind it appeared that after he rolled out and ran for a couple downs .. washingtons defense stopped blitzing buying him more time to see the recievers , is possible norv dont trust him to change plays at line. Hence why he' s in the booth ?
  9. So let me ask this roadtoarumriverreject. Is that the reason why minnesota is 3-5 ? . And why bridgewater is running for his life. Its obvious hes not an Elite QB , keep in mind he is a rookie .. it was a losing season before the opening snap this year if it wasnt bridgewater.. you probally come up with the casselofadoomedseason. Or some other biast Idiom
  10. Sad part is every body knew it was coming .. yet we still watch every sunday ..
  11. Well theres nothing wrong with counting bass .. or bridgewater week after week of watching that horrible offensive line and running 3rd&16 and 3rd&20 when averaging 5-10 yds a carry because you have faith your defense can stop . Them there is something wrong with that IMO . Bridgewater isnt Jesus theres just to many issues with the offense , he is 3 games in to his carreer. Any elite QB would struggle behind Kahlil ,johnson , ducasse.. sure they played better than past games but still a sub par in comparison to rest of league
  12. Couldnt agree with you more !
  13. I am not defending zimmer or turner .. as far as im am concerned Zimmer cant point fingers in any one direction without pointing at himself first . The performance by the O line , dropped passes ,stupid penalties where unexcusable As far as bridgwater goes he wasnt the issue nor the answer
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