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  1. iceman, i've used one for 3 years and its got its quirks like everything. it always seems to work much better if you keep your one pound tanks warm, my guess is they were cold from sitting in the sled or outside. I just set mine in front of the heater when its getting low. you can tell its gettin low by the sound, its one of those things youll pick up after watchin it all day. I also agree that coleman tanks do seem just a little better.
  2. 28" Walleye,Trion,6lb. Crystal Unmatchable Action,Great Taper Adding perch rod very soon Awesome
  3. What happen to the stone legacy site its not the same
  4. Got my ZT series last weekend what a price!! Cant wait to use it, the fish tank isnt the same. Ill be there to get my special chubby's and FL-20 head unit as soon as they come in. Keep up the great customer service!!
  5. Bass N Spear, that bass wasnt from vermillion but it smashed a 1/4 oz chug bug.
  6. Humpback Smallie,Evolving like carp? No need to mention what he was spitting up.
  7. Looks like the leatherbacks were bitin, throw on a carrot!!! I also had the same thing keep happening friday night.
  8. redrocketangler


    Id also say young sunnny i caught quite a few today you could mistake for young smallmouth
  9. I bought the lamiglass "1 power 6'8" CS 681" last year and its a great rod, if you havet already purchased the shimano. to late didnt read the whole post
  10. fully charged battery helps too. when my battery goes low i need to start turning the gain up.
  11. I bought the lazer mag xpress 2 years ago and love it. I did break the idler screw off but im hard on equipment. Its fast and light. Go with an 8inch blade too, my fishin buddy bought the 10in lazer 224 and that thing weighs in like a tank. Cuts sweet though. One thing on the idler screw, I took it to gaffers in mankato to fix it since they are a registered strikemaster shop and when i went to pick it up 3!! weeks later the stickers were all beat up, it was dirtier then when i took it in, the blades are dinged, and i asked them to clean it which wasnt done i seriously didnt think it was my auger and neither did my fishin buddy who has used it probably more than i have, so watch out for gaffers in mankato. take jrfishbait's advice those guys are top notch.
  12. i was surprised myself at how they fit the senko in there mouth ive also had them take 4" finesse worms, using anything conventional only resulted in smaller fish. Dude, you forgot stupid rigging.
  13. thought id share this, I was fishing for some bass ive been pestering lately and i think they got wise to me so i put on a 3" senko and the gills loved it. just another trick to put up your sleeve.
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