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  1. That is the exact opposite of the luck I've had. The set for the 1980 I got directly from them through the rep at the time in a tube, direct from Lund- It actually said Lund American on the package. Probably helped being the parts supervisor at a dealer at the time. The rep told me they had excess old logos and emblems in non-inventory. The 1650 I called their customer service and a lady there transferred me to another person and I was told the didn't sell them. I called back and got a guy that wanted to charge me. I called back again and dealt with a different lady who transferred me to the customer service rep for the area and I got the graphics. Basically explained to him that I was fixing up a boat, and really no more questions he asked me for an address. I know from past dealings and when I use to work at a Lund Dealer it all depended upon who you dealt with and how long they've been there and pretty much what kind of day they were having in their customer service department. If you push hard enough and get the right people they do have them. I have family that works in the plant itself and I can tell you they still have old graphics. All depends on who you deal with.
  2. Contact Lund directly as previously stated. I received both new decals for a 1980 Pike 15 for no charge at all in 2010. I also received new graphics just a few months ago for a pretty rough angler 1650 I repaired for no charge from them also. It seems to vary with who you deal with as one person wanted to charge me for the graphics, but the next time another person didn't when I decided to order them...
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread- if someone could move it if there is a better place? I bought a Baker 2020 Wood Chipper recently. I can't find anything on the company to get a hold of them. Anyone know anything about this company? Anyone own a similar chipper?
  4. Yeah actually I did that yesterday, we have a camera shoip about 25 minutes away from me here. They let me take both outside and try them. They both seem to take about the same photo quality, but that is not getting into the more advanced features. Both seemed to feel ok. No pressure from the sales clerk (owner) he said both were close to the same camera in his opinion.
  5. I am looking into these 2 cameras and lens combo- which one is better? Nikon D60 with the standard 18-55mm lens and a Nikon - Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom Lens or a Canon Rebel XS Black 10.1MP with standard 18-55mm lens and then a Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Zoom Lens: 13 elements in 9 groups The Nikon package is about $100 more. Is it worth it. Anyone have the Canon? Either of these take good pictures? Thanks.
  6. 14-15mpg towing 16 foot Lund 198- Mr.Pike and 50hp Evinrude, solid 13.5 towing Crestliner Muskie Edition, with 115hp Envinrude using 2004 Dodge Durango w/5.7L Hemi
  7. Very nice pics, always enjoy viewing eagles, whether bald or golden, as those are the only 2 I have seen.
  8. I have eaten Rock Bass a few times. It tastes ok, and I have only had a few with worms when filleting, so obviously I don't eat those, other then that, it isn't really a bad fish.
  9. Hey thanks guys! Made a reservation for this next weekend.
  10. I have a Coleman Tucana(sp?) that sleeps 8, more comfortably 6-7. No water leaks through a couple storms.
  11. Hey has anyone been to Scenic State Park. I am going up there in a little bit possibly, what is is like, etc. What do you do there?
  12. I was fishing a lake this past weekend, that is private. The DNR hasn't taken a survey out of it since the 80's for that reason. Anyways, heres the part that is stupid/crazy/weird. I was fishing for northerns using a maribou(spelling?) and the other guy on the boat hit a nice 9 pound northern and wanted me to net it, so stupid me, I let the maribou stay in the water and sink. I come back about 5 minutes later and pick up the pole, and notice somehting really, really, heavy. I kept on realing it, the pontoon was moving closer to it. After about an hour of puling, which this entire time I knew it wasn't a fish, I got a decent size log onto the side of the pontoon, my only problem with this, was I did this for a $10 fishing lure- I can now call myself a nut case.
  13. Quote: Looks to be 80+ acres from DNR. But last survey was '85. Anyone seen 'eye's come out of there? It could be a good time fishing a lake that gets zero pressure. There were some 3-4 pound eyes coming out of there. I was up there once, but found no structure. I am just trying to think where- depths/bait for such a small lake. At one spot in the lake, you drop down a chub, you catch 5-10 pound northerns, but yeah there is only I think 10 houses or so on the lake with a litle 5 or 6 cabin resort, biggest cabin being 2 bedroom. There is no access to the lake unless you know the owner of the land that the access is on.
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