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  1. seamonster1

    Help-1993 Johnson 60HP 3 cylinder

    I'm in Lesueur-any suggestions where to take it? Thinking Drammels in St Peter.
  2. seamonster1

    Help-1993 Johnson 60HP 3 cylinder

    Pulled the cover and ran with ear muffs. "smoke" is coming from lower unit. Black liquid is dripping from a black thin plate like part located near the boat side of the motor. Would not start after one tunrover/quit. Bringing it in tommorrow.
  3. Help- I just got done bragging to a coworker how well this motor has treated me for 16years. Then trouble of course. Here's the situation. Monday put in the water for first time. Absolutley no issues. Saturday put in the water and fine to location A. Went to leave and it starts fine. Increase throttle and it dies. starts back up and dies after 5 seconds. Did this 5-7 times before using trolling motor to get back. Noticed two things. 1)Was emitting alot of white smoke- like it does when I take it out for the first time and it burns fogging oil out. 2) The gas tank was very low and I have added oil(50:1) to gas tank for several years, after burning out power head several years ago when oil pump quit working. After it was out of water, I filled the gas tank without any oil. what should I expect tommorrow when I put it in the water?
  4. Mounted my birds fan from this year finally. When I hung it next to another from three years ago, something caught my eye. This years bird looked like a merriam compared to the other. HUGE difference in the tip coloration-both outside of fan and tips off middle feathers. Dark bird was taken in Lesueuer county, light bird in Goodhue. What's up with this? Genetics? What consistuites a merriams? I always thought the white tip was a dead give away? If you browse the photos throughtout the this site- you will notice the same thing. Never knew there was that big a difference.
  5. seamonster1

    Bear bait??

    Canopy, Just reading your earlier posts- you and i think alike. hint- the acorns started falling in my area a week ago. My sites are holding multiple bears with little in the way of scent- Guys on atvs cannot figure why the bears are not going better- since the natural berry crop is gone.
  6. seamonster1

    Same old bear headaches...

    ATV's and bears DO NOT mix! Second, I always get a kick out of you guys with your "warning signs". No bear is gonna be anywhere near a bait when it hears an atv coming a 1/2 mile away. Most "warning signs" are from people intending to stake a claim to an area or simply new to the bear baiting game. There are also the folks who mark there baits off roads/atv trails with the tracking tape. Hmm wonder where your bait is? I have to admit I have been known to take these tapes down unless I know it is the CO( who usually marks at trail/road entrance-not right beside bait)or might even add a little scent to the bait site! if you know what I mean. I'm quite confident the same will not happen to mine. Guys if you want a bear- do your homework( scout) and walk the bait in!
  7. seamonster1

    any action?

    9/15 baits going everyday. 3 others are iffy, but for sure bears. Kindoff expected this- as there was NO natural food expect some usual bunchies.
  8. seamonster1

    Bear bait??

    white stuff is tortilla shells/taco shells- absolutely NO nonbiodegrables left at site! Started hanging potato sacks(biodegradable) then just dump on ground once hit. Pretty sure the one site has multiple bears.
  9. seamonster1

    Bear bait??

    Few more photos 2nd photo is same site as previous post but in AM next photo is 11AM with me at site- how much time has gone by since bear left and I came in?
  10. seamonster1

    Bear bait??

    My baits are getting hammered. From 1 hr after I leave till 1 hr before I come back. Got cameras! Little freaked when the shadow line of me at the bait and the bear at the bait is not much different. url=http://www.uploadfile.info]
  11. Everybody see if we are close to each other- or should I say were we should not cross paths. Zone 26 northwest side of Winnie.
  12. seamonster1

    Bear Notification

    No changes in booklet to regs. same book as every other time. Was hopping it would have some of the changes mentioned.
  13. seamonster1

    Merriam hunt suggestions

    I will have the last half of may off next year. Would like to give a merriam hunt a try. Suggestions? Looking for specific outfitters, places, ect that are inexpensive. Please just dont suggest the black hills- rather could you lead me to more specific areas,ect. I consider myself an experienced turkey hunter- so a guide would not be needed.
  14. seamonster1

    Turkey Hunting Photo Contest (post them here)

    24lb 9in beard taken in 342 on Friday- see other posts in stories. Photo is with my 2year old future hunting partner.
  15. seamonster1

    All right, who got one this morning?

    yesterday had 2 gogglers hened up on the next hillside- could see them strutting away.Got one of them to come down and 1/2 way up my hill only to stop 100yds away. think they could see my truck. So this morning set up the hill they were on- no gobbling at 8 thought to myself- are they here and silent or not here and should i move.One last yelp before i go- yep, 30 yds under he lets out his first gobble. Alright I think, I'm in a blind so grap the gun and wait. his head goes back out of sight and i wait 20 minutes no more gobbles.Do I talk or not? I decide to sit tight.another 20 minutes and nothing. i promised myslef to be patient this year and not get "busted" like i have so many times. so another 20minutes. nothing still- ok now I'm getting impatient. One last yelp and time to give it up. No response. So decide to crawl out of blind on opposite side. As i'm doing this, what do I see his head coming over the hill-I pull the gun under the blind and sit still. He comes within 15 feet of the blind- I jump out from behind the blind and let him have it. Boys don't let your impatience get the best of you!