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  1. What size walleye female is the ideal baby producer? I rest my case
  2. Were the white of the fishes belly edges with his shirt. That looks like a dead give away of fake.
  3. He did a pretty good job. But look at the walleyes white belly. Here you can really tell he clipped it out.
  4. I've been perch fishing on bemidji and have found a spot with consistent 8' to 12' perch. One that i caught must have been close to 13.5 now thats a jumbo perch. The jumbos are fun to catch.
  5. The moose must have been sick or very weak. It is very unlikely that wolves will take down a large healthy adult moose. As for opening a season on wolves, we are just getting them back to a stable population. There will be no season for years.
  6. Like i said earlier i shoot with a cheap site. I think its an HHA, i paid 20 dollars for it on hsolist. But i love the site and i am very accrate with it, so if lock titeing the screws is what i have to do to keep it then i will. Plus you should never over tighten a screw on your sight because the threads will just keep wareing and wareing. Thats my opinion anyways.
  7. I would check out the Ben Pearson bows with the 20 degree angle grip. Since you are starting out it will help your technique. You will probably find it very comfortable to shoot too. Although, I shoot a Fred Bear Epic Extreme and love it.
  8. Harveylee, I lock tite all of the screws on my bow. You just need the right lock tite. Cant remember if its the red or the blue. Anyways, I have to because you never know when the screw looses a little and your off a bit and end up wounding the deer. I dont always have time to shoot my bow before i go hunting. I have no problem loosening them either. As for the sight discussed earlier, I think you should go with whatever is comfortable for you. As for the light add on, I shoot with a cheap site with regular fiber optics and they still glow way past legal shooting hours. So in my opinion an expensive sight with a light add on is not needed.
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