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  1. I had a set made by Jason too, he says it's a lot of work, but man do they sound sweet!
  2. I have to give a plug for my friend Joe Marshall at Northern Woods Taxidermy in Baxter. He's done some big name guys stuff and is a good guy.
  3. A few things to look at here, obvious is to check scope bases and rings, not so obvious, stock screw torque, check the crown, does it have a brake? Just fixed one that wasn't concentric with the bore and bullets were hitting it. Check headspace, is he reloading? that's another can of worms. Is the trigger consistent? Just a few things to consider.
  4. I have a spot that is full of doves, been there a couple times and got a few, but haven't put much time into it, will this cold snap move them out?
  5. It's one of those things that's not meant to be taken apart, trust me, I do this for a living, just spray it out.
  6. in our shop it's $125 and that includes 1 tube. We can do Rem-choke Win-choke or Tru-choke styles.
  7. The Kimber solo is a real nice gun, but it comes with the Kimber price tag. I carry a Sig P238 in a crossbreed daily and love it. I work in the firearm industry and have tried many different guns and holsters and this is the best for me that I have found. You can debate all the small guns, but sticking with any of the name brand ones will serve you well, it really boils down to what feels good in your hand. If you can get to a range and rent a few it will really help make the decision.
  8. You can only get one from Weatherby, call them as you have to send the gun in. As part of their commitment to excellence they make sure it is fit right and headspaced for safety.
  9. Gordie uses bigger bills though, they clear easier and he feels like a high roller. Then he can get change too!
  10. Fitting is a lot more than just LOP, in gunsmithing school we spent a lot of time talking and doing fittings on each other, it was one of the instructors passions. I also do a lot of fittings as a smith, and can attest first hand how much difference it makes, I went from shooting high teens, to a 23 on the first round after fitting my gun. I recently became a NRA shotgun coach and was impressed by the level of emphasis placed on fitting and how much we talked and covered it there too, even after doing if as long as I have I learned more and one of the things I am becoming known for in my business is in fitting. It's also not as expensive as many think, and the return on investment is exponential.
  11. I have one of the biggest safes made and recently moved. Manny's piano movers delivered it the first time and moved it for me. All I had to do was write the check and follow their instructions to stay out of the way. They did a professional job, no marks on walls, scuffs, dinged doorways, or anything, and they put it right where I wanted it. Worth every penny to use experienced pros.
  12. Any good shotgun she likes will do. Now for the real trick, bring it and her to a gunsmith and get it fit right. Do not fall into the trap that she will adapt to the gun, it just never works out right, having it fit will make it fun and reduce recoil more than any factory built gun. If you need testimonials just ask a reliable gunsmith.
  13. Or you could stay local, bring it to Becker and have it in days or less...
  14. check out the CZ75, great gun, good prices,can be hard to find. Don't forget to check out some of the smaller shops, you might just be surprised by the selections, and some of our prices right now.
  15. Your shots are stringing, the most likely causes are barrel/stock contact, incorrect torque of stock screws and lastly trigger control. The weatherby actions are about the best for squareness and consistency on the market. As the barrel heats and vibrations chance with shooting it will change the contact spots and pressures on the stock, thus throwing shots. Check with a local gunsmith, I know one with an accuracy package that addresses these very issues.
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