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  1. Couple fish from wright co over the last few weeks. Bottom one was 28
  2. I had a Johnson and recently upgraded/downgraded to a merc. My question is, can I get the stainless steel prop I had on my Johnson on my new Merc? Guy at a bar told me I could and the marina at my cabin said no(I trust these guys). Supposed you can get a kit for it. I really liked the performance with the SS prop. Y'all know the saying if you want to go fast get a Merc, want it to work use a Johnson. I want to go fast. Some sort of a hub kit.
  3. Are they legal in MN or on Canada border waters? Thanks! Matt T
  4. I just got back from Kodiak Alaska. People up there make money. Things are very expensive. The guys staying at the hotel were logging and fishing. Must be doing OK if paying $180 a night hotel. One guy told me it would be hard not to make 200k a year fishing. Also claimed to make 5k in three days long-lining halibut. People tend to exaggerate, especially fishermen . But at half that it might not be a bad gig! The loggers said $24.50 to start no experience. Our guide had sold his Halibut charter license for 100k....
  5. Looking Good Bengineer! Keep the pics coming. I will second what everyone else says, don't put too much weight in the bow! I redid my 95 lunkerV16 with a casting deck in the front. It now rides much better with one person, good with two and wet with another on the bow deck. A lot slower in general. I think it would ride real nice if I could increase my hp from 25 to 40, the maximum. If I could do it over again I would try to make the casting deck lighter. Matt T
  6. My Dads write up of our trip to Kodiak in Sepember. This was truly the fishing trip of a lifetime! The sign on the door certainly grabbed our attention! “Be careful after dark. Bears have been seen in the parking lot”. We had just arrived from Minneapolis for a week of fishing from the Kodiak road system. It had been a six hour flight from Minneapolis to Anchorage. After an extended lay over, it was an hour’s flight from Anchorage to Kodiak. We planned to fish for silver salmon in the rivers accessible from the Kodiak road sys-tem. The next morning we parked at the American River shortly before dawn. (You don’t want to be on the water before you can see the bears!) I rigged up Matt’s nine weight with a purple egg sucking leech. He was onto fish immediately. The pink salmon(humpies) were running and very aggressive. We were fair catching fish on almost every cast. Purple egg sucking leeches, fuchsia bunny flies, and pseudo pink pollywogs were all working. This was a great introduction to fishing Kodiak Island! As the hours and days passed pinks became passé, and somewhat annoying as we tried to catch silver (Coho) salmon. The silvers were running a little late and were pretty few and far between. The silvers would lie in deep pools. It required heavy flies and heavy lead-ers to get down to them. Often when stripping our fly for a silver, we would snag a pink. When hooked, a silver was all that they are advertised to be. Mine jumped a couple of times and then broke off (23 lb tippet!)after wrapping my line around a tree. Matt managed to land four. These ended up ongrills in Mt. Home AR and Minneapolis! We fished four major rivers, The Olds, the American, the Russian, and the Buskin. The Olds is about 30 miles form town, the American about twenty, the Russian about 10 miles, and the Buskin was right behind our hotel. These are not big rivers. They are not deep and not fast. They are quite clear; there aren’t any glacier fed streams on KodiakIsland. Alaska salmon streams are not elegant; this is not the sport of kings! It is not wilderness fishing either. We could tell where the action was by the cars parked by the road. But it was not combat fishing either, and if we walked a quarter mile or so, we could be on our own. The streams are full of fish, living and dead. There are dead salmon in the water, along the shore, and hanging from the low limbs of trees. There is a constant background smell of spoiled sea-food. We used 9 wt rods. Mine was a fast action salt water rod from Orvis. I built Matt’s rod. It was much a slower rod. We think that the slower rodworked better on these small streams. Matt, who is generally a philistine, also brought his spinning gear. He used it for about a ½ hour total. He found that he was much more able to control his presentation with the fly fishing gear.The streams were also full of trout. We heard of big rainbows, but didn’t see any. We did see, and catch, a bunch of Dolly Varden trout (char). I took trout tackle (5 &6 wt) with me, but didn’t bring any trout flies. The first dolly’s were caught on what I still had in my drying patch from the WhiteRiver. I caught my first dolly on a Y2K. But the third one broke me off and that was the only one I had. After further experimentation we found that partridge and orange softhackles were the ticket! We found the last package of partridge feathers, some #12 Eagle Claw hooks, and orange thread in the fly section of the local sports shop. I tied abunch of flies. We used every one of them. The town of Kodiak is good sized and it's population is about 10,000. There are two sporting goods stores with substantial fly fishing sections. There were plenty of decent restaurants, but they were expensive. Everything getting to Kodiak must arrive by plane or boat. Almost every evening we bought our lunch for the next day at Sub-way. The weather was cool and damp. The lows were in the 40s and the highs were in the50s. If the sun was shining, we didn’t need a layer. If it was not, we did. We always worefleece under our breathable waders. It rained for most of one day. Matt had nightmares that first night after seeing the sign about the bears. The fact that he watched 3 hours of bear horror stories on the Discovery Channel the night before we left probably contributed. But wenever saw any! Everyday people would say“The bear was just here! The bear ate a guy’s fish! The bear was over there.” Perhaps we were disappointed that we didn’t see one. Or maybe not! -Mike Tipton
  7. A guy I know says he has been spearing Catfish on the upper Mississippi. He talk's A LOT so I don't know if it is for real. I also question the legality because there are also muskies roming the same waters. I have had cats chase small bass like a northern would in open water so it seems possible. Has anyone done this? It sounds like fun!
  8. Nice pic LP This is my buddy Reed scared of a 12 inch catfish.
  9. Here are a few fish from Kodiak
  10. DRH1175, you are getting alot of incorrect info here. Seems like you have a good income and a few dollars to invest. Please consult a licensed experienced professional, they devote all thier time to investments while you devote all your time into doing what ever you do to make your money. For the record, mutual funds can be a short term a investment. Mutual funds have share classes. A, B and C. A shares are an up front load suitable for the long term. B shares are a back end load[you pay a % when taking the funds out]. C shares are a level load, ie 1% per year. Good for the short term, but end up bieng more costly in the 5 year+ time horizon. Also mutual funds don't only consist of stocks. You could buy a bond or money market fund that carries less risk. FYI, I don't sell investments and I am not a finanacial analyist...........................................yet
  11. Nice fish, keep them coming. I hope to add
  12. Agreed. Jackson did too. Makes no sense to me.
  13. Thanks for the info everyone, My fishin buddy wimped out so I wont make it out there this weekend. Hopefully some time before the season closes. erickol, I have always used crawlers on a circle hook. This is in the Rainey as I have yet to fish the Croix for sturgeons. I would look for some deep spots by shore, sturgeons are easy to catch if you get a bait infront of them.
  14. Here are a few of our pics from Baudette Me with average fish Fishbreath1 with the first kinda biggie Double header SPI gets a personal best and beats it Pattytaps comes up late, but still gets guided to a few Fishbreath1 sets a new boat record in avatar
  15. Do the fish on the St. Croix roll on the surface like the fish in the Rainey do? We always knew we were in a good spot because fish were jumping all over the place in Baudette . Can the same be said for the St. Croix? Thanks! Matt T
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