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  1. Last Sunday we had about 30 Robbins in our back yard. I am not an avid bird watcher but have never seen Robbins in North Dakota in January before. Isn't this odd - has anyone else seen Robbins this winter?
  2. Well guys, it's just around the corner. Ice fishing is allmost here. This ice season I am going to concentrate on Crappies. I found a few late last winter in river back water near sunken trees. I have checked the Game & Fish stocking reports and found a couple small reserviors ( 50 acers or so ) that were stocked with crappies and northern a couple years ago. I have never seen anyone fish these waters. I live in Bismarck, ND and here walleye is king so that is not surprising. My question is where to start as I am new to crappie fishing. These reserviors have 30 to 40 ft. deep water neer the dam and steep drop-offs neer the deep water. There are one or two humps topping out at 10 ft or so. Of course the water skinnys up twords the back end of the reserviors. I don't know about weeds but i'm sure there are some in the shallows. I plan to use 2# line and jig small lures like nucular ants on one pole and dead stick a small minnow on the other. Two lines is enough in my ice house. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jig Head
  3. They look great in my portable. A brite neon glow - enough light to tie knots but not as bright as a colman gas lantern. I think they will be perfect.
  4. BUZZ STIX - do they work? I have been reading this forum for quite a while and have never herd them mentioned. Any opinions?
  5. Any info on Clam Corp's new 30 LED light string? Clay Hoag
  6. ND Jig Head

    Boat Advice

    H2O - I owned a Lund Rebel 16 with a 30 hp Johnson for 15 years. I bought it new and had no problems with it - never a leak. I sold it 3 years ago for $300 less than I paid for it. I ran into the guy I sold it to the other day at a boat ramp and he is very happy with the boat. I now own a Lund 1700 Fisherman - it is also a grate boat. Stick with a Lund - you won't regret it.
  7. Bismarck, ND but don't tell everyone!
  8. Weekend before last. Stopped at gas station - filled boat - forgot to look at gage in truck. Got lost looking for a new ramp. Found ramp - backed trailler into water - truck runs out of gas on the ramp. Call buddy on cell phone. Buddy brings gas can - have to listen to his teasing while filling truck. No dock - put boat on shore. Park truck and trailler in lot. Walk back to boat - boat floated away to other side of bay. Man comes out of his house laughing - he had seen the hole thing. Had to ask him to drive my boat back across bay. Had to take his teasing while taking him back to his house. Fortunately the rest of the day went well - but still taking a lot of teasing from friends. "ONE OF THOSE DAYS"!
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