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  1. I have been using boat like this for many years. Best choices are: Ranger 1850 & 1750, Lund Fisherman 1800 & 1700, Crestliner Sportfish (only 1850 these days) and the Alumacraft Trophy 180 & 175. Some questions you might want to think about: 1. Do you pull large slalom water skiers? I weigh 185 and I wish my boat pulled me up better on one. With two skis/tubes/wake boards are not a problem. My boat is @1250 lbs with a 115 2 stroke. 2. How much space do you really need? The bigger boats are much heavier--thus needing a bigger engine, a bigger tank (7lbs a gallon)etc... The Ranger 1850 is a nice boat and rides well, but it weighs almost 1800 w/o engine. The "smaller" Lund or Alumacraft are 1300 or less. Also check what motor you want and the weights. Many share the same bloc/case, so a 150 and 135 and 175 weigh the same. Varies by manufacture...
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    Morel Mushrooms

    I think most Morel hunters would have to be tortured to give up any locations. (Good Walleye spots are easy in comparison.) A hint for you--look in the brush under recently dead trees. (Dead in the last 5 years) The roots of trees often rot and provide good mushrooms. I bring a stick to hold back shrubs...And don't think you need to drive 3 hours. I have found them on a walk around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Come to think of it, there are some decent Wallys there too...
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