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  1. I have a Lowrance HDS-5x (Gen 1) that I am looking to sell for a fair price. $300 w/o transducer I do have a new dual frequency transducer (HST-DFSBL) that is without the mounting hardware. I would throw that in for a total of $375 if interested. Otherwise, I do have a Thru-hull transducer installed on the boat, which I could possibly remove and add in for a reasonable price. The unit was new on the boat last year, and used very little; as I upgraded to a larger unit shortly after installing it. I'm pretty flexible with the options described above, so contact me if interested or if you have any questions. Rob 651-485-5594
  2. Coach- I'm suprised you had a problem returning the rod; you can return it to any Gander store. I bet if you go back, you won't have a problem. You probably just ended up talking to a stickler at the counter. As far as the ice reels...try comparing one to the st. croix reels, you'll be suprised.
  3. You got it primetime, the merc dealer sold me a key for $5. For the compartment, I just went to the local locksmith and had him check out the lock and make me a new key...only $10. So I guess I came out alright.
  4. Thanks for all of the input. I went by the local merc dealer today. Sounds like it will be easiest to just bring it in, and mess with all the keys until we find the right one. As for the compartments, they are pretty basic locks; so I might be able to find a key, or even break them open. It will be a good weekend project. Thanks again for the help!
  5. Well the subject heading pretty much says it all. I'm going to be "that guy" and say that I lost my only set of boat keys...and hitch lock. This includes the ignition key, and the key to open my compartments. So the question is: What can I do to get the boat on the water again? Will I have to replace the entire ignition? Or is it possible for a dealer to look up the vin # and make a key? I have a '97 procraft w/ a 150 mariner. I guess for now I'll just have to sit at home and think of all those times when I was "too busy" to go make a duplicate set. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. got out tonight on the st. louis river for some smallies. Stumbled accross a pile of really aggressive fish, stacked on a rock ledge. Spinnerbaits started it, moved to top water, and ended with jig worm; all produced. here's a look at the fish of the day! 20" / 5.7 lbs
  7. All-terrain and outkast jigs for me. I have an addition to the jigs tip -if the fish aren't biting your jig, try switching the style or color of your trailer. A small subtle change in claw size or shape could make the difference. One of my new favorites for trailers is the Gander beaver tail style plastic, called a Yo Mama. Get the smallest version, or bite off half of the body, and you are ready for some big bass action!
  8. Went out yesterday after the rain on a southwest metro lake. Fished docks, rocks, and timber for a few hours with only a few on jigs. Found out the ticket was on the 12ft weedline using a baby brush hog on a jig.
  9. I primarily use a spinning rod for docks. It is pretty much hassle free, but I would agree that a baitcaster is the way to go. If you have to go spinning, I've moved to a medium heavy rod with braid on the reel, it usually does the trick.
  10. Here's the deal with the sale... There was a Gander store in NY that got flooded a few weeks ago, and the company is having this sale in forest lake to get rid of them. All of the guns have been cleaned and checked by gunsmiths, and will be sold for up to 50% the original price. In addition, many other stores in the region have brought their clearnce guns to the sale as well. It sounds like there is going to be some really good deals to be had. No layaways, no holds, first come first serve. It runs through the 28th-30th next week; store opens at 8 am for the sale.
  11. exactly what duffman said, the red hooks are good for about one fish, then they turn into a brass colored hook. which doesn't look that good when you are throwing something with a natural color.
  12. OnTheWater

    topwater baits

    Quote: I seem to like a lot of the yo-zouri baits as you can find them on sale quite a bit and they perform quite well for me? I'll second that. I've been using some of their walk-the-dog style lures for a few years now, and would suggest them as an option.
  13. If there is one crank that I could not do without, it would have to be the Rapala DT-6 in the Sunfish pattern. It is an awesome bait when the pannies are stacked up on a wind-blown shore, and can produce when nothing else does.
  14. Starting Friday the 28th, Gander Mtn. in forest lake will be having a huge firearms sale, with many of the guns going for 50% off!
  15. OnTheWater

    Pan O Prog

    yea, in lakeville; right off of 35. If you plan on going, get there early, before you get swarmed by skiers and boarders. My buddy was out there at 6:30 AM the other day, and said there were already some clowns gettin an early adrenaline rush. It can get upright ridiculous at times.
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