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  1. i was under the understanding that as long as the water damage isn't caused by a flood you should be covered.
  2. 5500 rpms are the target rpms to run with this motor. i am looking to run a stainless hopeing for a little more speed and less blow out when taking corners on plain.
  3. i have a 04 johnson 90 4 stroke on a 1750 fishhawk. I am currently running a 13.75x21 4 blade solas alum. i am getting about 5400 rpms and around 36-38 mph. looking to get a stainless is any one running this setup with a stainless? what are you getting mph and rpms? and what size stainless are you running? thanks steve
  4. has anyone used tarps inc. and had them make a snap cover for them? do they do good work? any other recomendations for south metro?
  5. how complicated is it to take apart and replace o-rings? my power tilt is acting up and i think that one or more o-rings came apart and is blocking something. looked at the scematic and it looks straight forword but, i am a little hesitant to dive into it. on a scale of 1-10 what am i looking at?
  6. yes it is fine to start the motor to check for leaks with out the gear case full. just don't forget to fill the lower unit before you go to use the boat.
  7. i use my motor all winter as do other guys that fish pool 4 every one that i know runs there motor for a few seconds after pulling it out to clear water from impeller been doing this for years. but if your afraid of hurting your impeller don't.
  8. i use the boat all winter long. after pulling out tilt motor down start for maybe 10 sec and shut off. nothing kills a water pump faster than ice when starting it the next time.
  9. well it's going in tomarrow looks like the pinion seal in the back but, will let them decide which is leaking.
  10. the seal on the front diff were the drive shaft comes in is leaking just dripping a little. i heard if you have it replaced it could cause it to leak worse is there any truth to this? if i bring it in to the dealer ship and they replace the seal and does leak worse who pays to fix?
  11. thanks for the tips. sounds this is a do it myself job. thanks again
  12. it's been a few weeks since this problem showed itself. my oil pressure gadge is stuck on 80psi. a friend of mine said that it happened to his and was just the sensor and it will start leaking soon. can anyone point me to a diagram that showes were the sensor is located and is this something that is not to difficult to do my self or leave to a pro.
  13. buy a beckman it will be the last net you ever own
  14. if you want to feel a limit creek next to a st.croix go see dean at everts and ask to demo both rods and make your own choice he has everything from avids to the new extremes, pluss the whole limit creek line up.
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