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  1. That DNR HSOforum is perfect.... Thanks Guys
  2. Are there any Contests in Northern Mn coming up at all? Anything north of brainerd thanks
  3. You cant go wrong with Either... I just bought my 2nd Ice 45 and love it......
  4. DO they make these for Kids? I have a 4yr/o that could use it....
  5. I actually called Ice Castle and they are gonna drawn up my shower for me. They make a heated pad to wrap your holding tanks for cold weather. Ill know tomorrow what the guys at IC says on the shower details for my house. Going with a 15gal fresh water tank and the shower pan with waste water tank built in. As far as Tankless I would mount the tankless unit in one of the cabinets and tap it into the Propane line.
  6. Well I have done some looking and they have the shower pan with a holding tank built right into the bottom or I have the tankless option
  7. I never thought of that, perfect for the space avail... Maybe a ice hole added in there too lol
  8. Bryce how is it set up? Holding tanks? Tankless?
  9. My Mother is co-owner in Carsella'Shacks so I'm ordering one from them. Just seeing who has added showers or has them so I know how to have the front made on my house.
  10. I'm putting in the order for my 7x23 Wheelhouse and was wondering if anyone has installed a shower/toilet into theirs and If so how did you do it? The reason for adding a shower is I'm also gonna be using my house as a camper for on the road work.
  11. Using the word back up wasn't the correct choice, what I should have done was just go to the Ice 55 Im gonna give bird another shot I just didn't wanna be going back and forth if I did have issues. Hummingbird CS was awesome they knew what the issue was and said I would need to send it in or return to store for a new one. Also the store I bought this Ice 45 at said it was the 4th one they had that had the same issue so maybe a bad batch? I'm not bashing Bird by any means.
  12. I went with the FL 12 like you said solid performance. I called Hummingbird CS and they said I can either send it in or return it to store. I will give hummingbird one more shot but I think I will be going with the Ice 55 and buy it as a back up. Just ordered a 7x23 Wheel house so I would like to have 2 in it. Overall the Zoom was amazing and the Huge screen are the 2 things that sold me on Hummingbird. I guess we will see down the road I guess.
  13. I tried 3 different batteries and then tried a brand new one at the store when returning. That was the first thing I thought of was battery, I was hoping it was that but no luck..
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