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  1. My wife and I fished Shoal the last two weeks of September from 2005-2009. We'd still be going except that Shoal Lake Lodge (the only one on the lake) decided they didn't want to stay open when we wanted to go. We only fished for pike, the lake is great for good numbers of nice sized fish. I'd definitely recommend a GPS with a Navionics chip, even though alot of the lake isn't depth-charted the Navionics map does show the major hazards (and some are out in the middle of nowhere). If the wind is up you'll be stuck in the Northern, more sheltered part of the lake unless you have quite a boat, and we always did our best fishing the rocky points and shorelines around the big, open southern part of the lake. For pike best lures for us were spoons in 5-of-diamonds, silver or gold, super shad raps, swim baits and deep husky jerks.
  2. Heading to Whitefish Bay Camp in 2 weeks, we've never been to this part of LOTW before so any tips on the area would be appreciated. We pretty much only fish for pike but since we've never been there the main thing will be to catch something to build up some confidence so any info would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the info, with the wife's input and blessing (extremely important)we settled on Big North Lodge. We'll be there the last 2 weeks of September, so if you're there and you see an old guy fishing with a much-younger looking wife (she really isn't) in a Crestliner with MO tags that'll be us, give us a yell.
  4. Thanks for the invite Outfitter but we live something like 40 miles from downtown St. Louis and it takes an awful lot to get us to go into the city. I do usually go to the All Canada shows though (it's always west of St. Louis which is the direction I live) and I'm pretty sure I talked to you about your place at one of the shows a few years ago. We ended up spending our past few years' trips at Shoal Lake Lodge and the wife wants to go in that direction again at least this year. I still think we might get over your way one of these years though, your area sounded pretty cool to me.
  5. No a musky would be great, we're just too lazy / impatient to target them. Plus we like to eat a few fish dinners while we're there and if we ate a musky we'd probably be banned from driving thru Minnesota for life har har. On navigating the river and the lakes in the chain, does anyone know if this area is included in navionics charts? We've got a Humminbird that's supposed to have them all built in so it shouldn't matter which section they're included in. Thanks for all the info.
  6. Thanks for the reply DeBo. It's just me and my wife so the big cabins at the Sand Lake place wouldn't work. Boating in somewhere would be fine though. If we stayed south of town then we'd have a longer trek to the better fishing waters every day, no? Do you have a feel for how long of a boat ride it is from town to the "good spots" on Big Sand?
  7. Planning our annual trip in late September and looking at the Winnipeg River system near Minaki. Lots of reasonably priced lodges in the area but what I definitely don't want is to travel 1000 miles to Canada from St. Louis to stay at some place where I feel like I'm in the middle of a town. An older thread I read mentioned hearing a railroad track from their cabin. If that's the situation I'd be extremely disappointed when I got there and I'll have to be looking at some of the pricier places farther north. Anyone familiar with the area who could give me a sense of what it's like? On fishing we like to target big northerns, so any opinions on the fall northern fishing in that area would also be a help.
  8. Just traded in my bass boat with a 2-stroke for a Crestliner with a new Mercury 115 4-stroke. I've never trolled before (just casted my arm off) but now that I've hit the big 5-0 I think my arm is ready for some time off and I plan to try some trolling. I've already invested in a couple scotty rod holders for the boat, but was wondering if I could get some recommendations on the best rods for the job: 1) I'm guessing I should go with at least 7-footers to make the turns easier to handle. 2) On action, does everybody go with the heaviest they've got or would a medium-heavy action be ok or better? We'll be going for big pike north of the border in late September, any other tips on the trolling game would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Yes this is a great idea. Northerns are much more of a target fish than muskie for me, and the muskie guys were definitely the most active on the old combined forum. Thanks for improving an already-awesome web site.
  10. I see the point about doing more damage to the line with a crimp-on than a piece of rubber, especially since where I usually fish in the summer the water's so so clear I have to use 6lb test or even lighter. I probably have had a few break-offs right at the split shot so maybe I'll give it a try this year. Thanks for the replies.
  11. I just got done watching yet another fishing show where the guys were carolina rigging plasics and used 1/16 oz slip sinkers pegged in place with some rubber deal from Bass Pro. My question is why go to that trouble when simply putting a split shot on the line seems to accomplish the same thing. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?
  12. We have a Beckmann that's just small enough to fit under the console laying diagonally and the handle sits between me and the shifter. I'm sitting with one of my feet inside the net when driving but it keeps it out of the way. It also made us buy a smaller net than I really wanted. I've heard people with the bigger nets say that they can just lay them flat over one of the pedestal seats when they drive, and I guess it has to hang over the side of the boat when they're fishing.
  13. Thanks for the tips, now I just have to work up the guts to tell the wife I'm going to pay about $15 each for a lure, especially considering my philosophy is if you buy one you gotta buy 3 just to be prepared for bad things happening to leaders/line etc, not to mention having a few different colors... I'll report back on the trip when we get back.
  14. I'm finally ready to buy a few of these for our trip to Shoal Lake in Ontario after seeing everybody talk about them all the time (it's not a lure you see much of around St. Louis). I remember hearing you control the depth they run at by bending the tail up or down, down making it run deeper but I don't know how deep the different sizes will run. Also any tips on favorite sizes and colors (especially around the LOTW area) and the best ways to work them (slow/steady vs jerks vs??) would be much appreciated. We'll be casting our arms off around the islands and rocks the last 2 weeks of September. Also, I see the discussion in this forum is almost all about muskies but we haven't seen one yet in 3 previous trips to Shoal Lake, we're kept very happy going after the 10-15 lb northerns the lake is full of so that's what we'll be targeting.
  15. I like the digital bathroom scale idea, I should have thought of it myself since that's how we weigh how much meat we get back from the butcher shop each year after deer season. Thanks for all the suggestions (and those big northerns I'll be going after at Shoal Lake in Ontario next year thank you too)!
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