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  1. Hanson, by looking at how fat the fish was, I would have thought it was gonna be a little shorter than 33". We weighed him on 2 different digital scales, one said 21.6lbs and the other read 21lbs 10oz. If you were guessing, how long would you think that fish is?
  2. Hey Rusty, we will be up Wed. to fish league that night and staying through saturday.
  3. We all know you can catch big channel's in the Red, but where else in the state can you catch cats? I would think the little missouri would offer some good fishing, anywhere else?
  4. Entry forms are pouring in and it looks to be the best Milk Tourny yet.
  5. It's 480 miles from grand forks. Rusty you should come out for it, Big Cat Dad will have his brand new River Pro(we're going to pick it up may 20th. We could probably hook you up with a place to say.
  6. Dennis, he's contacted In-Fish and they don't have any of that particular issue available.
  7. If anyone has a chance to make it to this tourny, you won't be disappointed. It's First Class! Each year it get's better and better, last year the only hang up was the little rainstorm that blew through during the rules meeting. As soon as the meeting was over it quit raining and the weather couldn't have been better. This year we plan on having a giant tarp to cover the crowd. There's great access all along the river and If your from out of town, I'm sure BigSky wouldn't have a problem taking you out and showing you around the river. There's actually quite a bit of room to roam for boat or shore anglers. Most of the shore anglers will fish between Nashua and Vandalia, and that leaves plenty of wide open area for the boaters. Above Vandalia to Saco is easily fished with a prop boat and there's plenty of river miles for jet boaters from the mouth of the milk(where it dumps into the missouri river) to Nashua. If anyone has questions just ask and Big Sky, Myself, or Big Cat Dad can answer.
  8. Picked mine up Thurs. in Barnes & Noble. I don't mean to be a pessimist and no disrespect to Cory and Dennis, but I was disappointed for the 2nd year in a row.
  9. There's good lake trout fishing in the reservoir itself and good rainbow fishing below the powerhouse.
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