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  1. Call triple A exotic dancers. They will set you up. My buddy had them out on a launch boat before. They are the best looking "entertainers" you can find. I highly recommend the lesbian show. spendy but well worth it!!
  2. Walleye. If you know the right place and time you can catch walleyes with top water tactics. I do it every year on a lake up north.
  3. I have gone through Kellyp a few times and you have to keep it around 70 MPH to keep up with him
  4. Don't rule out the Tracker Targa or Tundras. These are excellent aluminum boats that have a welded aluminum hull that has a deep keel like most of the glass boats mentioned. Best part is they are lighter and with gas the way it is that is a big plus.
  5. Thanks for the input everybody. I may not be able to sell them at all if we keep having winters like the last two.
  6. that is under blue book but I have been told that those prices are a joke anyways. Thanks for giving me an idea.
  7. I am looking at purchasing a boat this fall and am looking to free up some cash. I have two snowmobiles and am thinking of selling one of them. But I want to keep one because I do enjoy riding. I am wondering what sled you could get the most for? I have a 93 xlt special with fox shocks a studded track and only 1400 mi. And I also have a 95 xlt touring long track with elec start and reverse with 1100 mi. What do you think I could sell them for? PLEASE no offers (against forum rules). Thanks for any input.
  8. Should have looked here first!! Just bought the 20" from gander for $20. And I really didn't need that long of one but that is all they had.
  9. This one is more for the inside but you guys will appreciate the humor.
  10. I will second Red Lake. They probably have the best bite right now going on red. I have heard that Mille Lacs has been a little slow, and I haven't heard anything great out of Winnie.
  11. Frabill makes one that I use that looks like a small cooler. It comes with an air pump and air stone aerorater(SP?), and is well insulated. It has a gasketed top and the lid latches closed. The only problem that I had is a very small amount of water comes through the hole where the air line goes into the bucket, which I solved with a little silicone caulking. Have had mine in the back of a truck the whole way home from Red Lake to minneapolis and in negative 10 degree weather and there was no ice in the cooler. Email me at [email protected] if you would like to know exactlly what it is called (I would have to look at it to see).
  12. This is an excelent idea eyehunter. I have done something similar but only let the minnows hang down a few feet or more. When you put the minnows all the way down to the bottom you are leaving them in the part of the lake with the highest concentration of dissolved oxygen. That ( allong with other reasons) is why most of the fish you catch in the winter are on the bottom. Props for the good idea. I may have to borrow it!!
  13. jig n' jerk


    Check out the sportmans guide!! They have a lot of different boots to choose from, and dirt cheap. I got a pair of 2000 gram boots that have a waterproof breathable menbrane and weigh 34 grams for 50 bucks. And a (Contact Us Please) to the end of the stores name and you will be at there HSOforum.
  14. jig n' jerk

    Battery ?

    If it says deep cycle battery on it I would use the marine setting on your charger. If it does not say deep cycle or marine use the normal 12 volt charging mode. Hope this helps!!
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