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  1. Not a fan of the Compre any more. New graphite is nice and light but the blank seems dead. Check to see if you can find the equivalent size in the Clarus. Or hold out for a Smoothie. Or a St. Croix Avid.
  2. You really posted that you were fishing pike out of season? Very nice.
  3. Remember: Don't look into the UV light. You'll be blinded. With Science!
  4. Hopefully you signed up to be an organ donor!
  5. The glowing paint (these days) is made from Strontium Aluminate. Strontium Aluminate will phosphoresce when excited by radiation with a wavelength between ~ 200 and 450 nanometers. Once excited it emits at a wavelength of about 520 nanometers. Mix it with pigments and you get all sorts of pretty fishy colors if you provide the right energy source. Long wavelength UV sources emit directly in that spectrum so most of their energy goes into charging the paint. There are many UV flashlights available. Combo units that have both 365 nm and 400 nm bulbs are readily available. You may already own one if you check for AC system leaks with UV dyes. Camera flashes work as glow paint chargers because they typically use Xenon gas arc lamps. Xenon gas lamps emit light over a very wide spectrum, from about 200 - 800 nanometers at a pretty uniform intensity. Sunlight is also an effective charger but it is sometimes difficult to come by when the fish are biting.
  6. The DNR calls the "legal" version of this activity "Bowfishing".
  7. maj330

    Catfish bait ??

    What's a bowhead? A chunk of nightcrawler on a #8 circle hook works for flatheads too.
  8. I find that happens a lot. They usually use the lame excuse "Well, that's the way we were taught when I was young." Ignorance is not an excuse!
  9. I witnessed that example of human ignorance today. It was truly depressing.
  10. Has anybody called TIP? Seems like there is enough evidence to warrant a sting operation. Would love to see these people held accountable.
  11. Racor 4' x 4' lift plus a cordless drill to run the crank.
  12. Lots of carp on cut smelt in the spring. Weird. Glad other people have experience with cutbait for carp.
  13. Bow hunting has a negligible effect on invasive carp population control. See the peer reviewed research being done by Sorensen Lab at the U of MN for effective means of invasive carp population control. http://www.rwmwd.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={6167B18D-3959-498A-9605-7108BA3E6AF3}&DE=
  14. There are consumption guidelines for all fish in each water body posted on the MN DNR HSOforum. Carp are quite tasty if prepared correctly. I prefer the firmer flesh of carp taken from cold water over warm water fish.
  15. I fished along the Cannon on Saturday and observed many people keeping the smallmouth bass that were biting like crazy. After seeing a few go into buckets, my fishing partner and I mentioned to them that bass season hadn't opened yet. No one cared, many gave blank stares, and some appeared like they wanted to start a brawl. About 10 minutes later I enjoyed watching the COs round people up and issue about a dozen fines. It's a bummer that so many people feel that the rules do not apply to them. At least some of them found out that they aren't above the law.
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