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  1. muchowja

    Tool belt

    I have heard good things about the Dewalts but personally I Have a set of Occidental Leather bags that have lasted me for 8 years now and I wear them every day. They look like they will probably go for another 5-10. I have the leather ones but if I were to do it again I think I would buy the Oxy Lites. They are made with cordura nylon and leather and I Know guys who have had theirs for 10 years. They are spendy @ $250 for a set but I have seen guys pay $50-70 for bags and have to buy new ones every year. You can pick up the Occidentals at the Tool Crib.
  2. muchowja


    I already know of one here in Minnesota. You pay per the half day or day and an additional fee if you keep fish.
  3. muchowja

    New pup and guns

    I would think that introduction to guns in the presence of birds may be the totally wrong approach. If the dog is afraid of the sound it may associate the noise with the bird and that would be a bad, bad thing. It may never hunt a bird again. I have always had someone help me introduce the pup to gunfire. I would reassure and pet the pup while my helper would shoot quite a distance away and gradually move closer while all the while I would pet and talk to the dog soothingly. Some pups could care less about gunfire but some need some soothing.
  4. muchowja

    Grizzly rims

    Will the rims off a 2004 Grizzly 600 fit on a 2009 Grizzly 550?
  5. muchowja

    putting on steel sheeting on the roof

    Manufacturers actually dont recommend using Ice and water at all under steel. Usually the manufacturer recommends putting at least 30# felt between the steel and shingles if you apply directly on top of the shingles. We usually strip the roof with 2x4's and then attach the steel to that. It ensures a solid fastening and avoids screws hitting seams and not holding. I called our building inspector about this one day and he said as long as we follow manufacturers recommendations we were good to go right over the existing shingles.
  6. muchowja


    I wont go so far as Dougger, but I believe he has a point in the weight and thickness of a TL shingle. It just isn't there. I do like the Certainteed and Owens Corning shingles better.
  7. muchowja

    Fish Mythbusters

    How did they get the camera there to film it underwater? A little trickery going on there methinks.
  8. muchowja

    Mid March Trip

    If you want a chance at huge walleyes go to Winnipeg
  9. muchowja

    Should a person up grade to a new flasher?

    Behindthehead, thats the understanding that I had too.
  10. muchowja

    Should a person up grade to a new flasher?

    Can you really tell the size of a fish on your flasher? I don't believe so but I may be wrong. Little perch and big walleyes all look the same to me.
  11. muchowja

    New flasher/camera battery prices?

    I'm pretty sure they are the same size.
  12. muchowja


    I would simply stick frame and have it spray foamed.
  13. muchowja

    Forget fish house, build Ark quick!

    Sounds great to me. Ill be chasing the greenbacks at that time!
  14. muchowja

    More Hot Air In Basement?

    Why not add a subpanel and run your entire basement off of it. Since u will need an inspection for running additional lighting and autlets anyway. You just have to know if your service is large enough to add one.
  15. muchowja

    FI Problem?

    Yes. I hear the injection running whenever I turn the key on. It doesn't seem to help if I turn it off and on repeatedly. I will look at the spark plug and if that isn't the cause I'll give the dealer a call. Thanks