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  1. Will be in the area all next week and was thinking about hitting Leech for a day or two. I've heard the water temps are really warm and the survival rate of the muskies has not been good. Anyone know if this is true, will not fish if thats the case. Otherwise has anyone know how the bite has been? Thanks.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has been to Eagle yet this year. If so how'd you do and what were the lake conditions like?
  3. I go through customs in 5 minutes, never been checked, but we've sat in International falls in line for up to 2 and a half hours just to get to customs.
  4. It has taken anywhere from an hour and a half to a little over two hours the last 2 years we've gone across at international falls. Just wondering what time everyone else has gone through and how the line was when you go across. trying to save a little wait time at the border. Thanks
  5. Where around Dryden are you looking. I know there is one right in town, and there is one on the way to Eagle River on the main highway running west out of Dryden. I fish on Eagle Lake and drive the 15 minutes to get to the baitshop on the highway because they have better looking bait and are cheaper than the resort we are at.
  6. Wondering if anyone has fished Eagle yet this year. How is the water level and the water temps? How was the fishing. Heading up June 18 and can't wait.
  7. My season started Tuesday morning, was in the woods at 5:15, bird loaded in my vehicle at 7:00. Came right off roost and right in to my decoys. Area 467. My dad and uncle weren't so lucky, see birds every day but can't get them to come in, henned up, I must have had the only lonely bird in the area roosted by me.
  8. I've been to Eagle Lake the last 2 years and am heading up again the 3rd week in June. We've done fairly well the 2 times we've been there and am just looking for some people to share and receive some information on where they've had luck on the lake. We've caught 36"38"and 42" northerns as well as many smaller ones. We've caught probably 15 walleyes over 22" the biggest being 27 1/2". Only 1 smallie and 1 muskie although we've never really fished them.
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