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  1. I agree on the bass style reel. It would fit his hand and holds modern braid lines well. My wife uses one for Musky and hasn't had a problem like I do with my Ambassadors (slipping drags). However you go...get one with a clicker; your son will have fun hearing that go off when you get a trolling hit.
  2. What a day! Thanks for letting us experience it vicariously. PS, didn't know Loopers got that big.
  3. I had my 30D on a tripod with a Tamron 2.8 28-75 lens and plastic diffuser on it. The tripod had only one segment of leg(s) extended so it was only about a foot or so off the hardwood floor. Anyway my crazy little nephew must have gotten to it when no one was around. I found the camera on the floor with the plastic diffuser broken. I don't think he pounded on it or anything...more likely just tipped it over. Since then, my shots don't seem to be quite as sharp -- though I'm not sure that's not just me being paranoid. I also noticed that I could wiggle the very end of the lens a little bit (maybe a quarter of a millimeter?) -- not sure if it was that way before the accident. Everything else seems to operate as before. Also, what is a logical range of cost for having Tamron calibrate or repair this lens?
  4. Very cool! The surface tension properties of water are amazing.
  5. I'm still using the same GoreTex rain jacket I got when GoreTex first came out 25? years ago. And every two years I use ReviveX and it works like new.
  6. Thanks for comprising the list. But where's Green Mill (2 votes I think). And you sure Jack's only got 3?
  7. I like the shots. Keep em commin.
  8. Hey, when your a 12 year old little dude...the circus has everything.
  9. Great series! From death to life...
  10. I like the fourth from last...Ninja Prairie Chicken. I hear you about Photoshop x2.
  11. Good one Steve. And good comeback by SalmonSlayer. Wonder what the team will be called in 2016?
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