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  1. Swimmer

    Musky reel for son

    I agree on the bass style reel. It would fit his hand and holds modern braid lines well. My wife uses one for Musky and hasn't had a problem like I do with my Ambassadors (slipping drags). However you go...get one with a clicker; your son will have fun hearing that go off when you get a trolling hit.
  2. Swimmer

    The letter of the day is "S"

    What a day! Thanks for letting us experience it vicariously. PS, didn't know Loopers got that big.
  3. I had my 30D on a tripod with a Tamron 2.8 28-75 lens and plastic diffuser on it. The tripod had only one segment of leg(s) extended so it was only about a foot or so off the hardwood floor. Anyway my crazy little nephew must have gotten to it when no one was around. I found the camera on the floor with the plastic diffuser broken. I don't think he pounded on it or anything...more likely just tipped it over. Since then, my shots don't seem to be quite as sharp -- though I'm not sure that's not just me being paranoid. I also noticed that I could wiggle the very end of the lens a little bit (maybe a quarter of a millimeter?) -- not sure if it was that way before the accident. Everything else seems to operate as before. Also, what is a logical range of cost for having Tamron calibrate or repair this lens?
  4. Very cool! The surface tension properties of water are amazing.
  5. Swimmer

    A few keepers from this spring

    I liked the sharp #3 and the redheads.
  6. Swimmer

    Rain Gear Maintenance

    I'm still using the same GoreTex rain jacket I got when GoreTex first came out 25? years ago. And every two years I use ReviveX and it works like new.
  7. Swimmer

    favorite frozen pizza?

    Thanks for comprising the list. But where's Green Mill (2 votes I think). And you sure Jack's only got 3?
  8. Swimmer

    Been playing

    I like the shots. Keep em commin.
  9. Swimmer

    Circus Circus!

    Hey, when your a 12 year old little dude...the circus has everything.
  10. Swimmer

    Possibly my favorite time of the year

    I too really like the Pelican. Great shots.
  11. Swimmer

    Receding Winter

    Great series! From death to life...
  12. I like the fourth from last...Ninja Prairie Chicken. I hear you about Photoshop x2.
  13. Swimmer

    c'mon man!

  14. Swimmer

    How regular are you?

    How many hours per day?
  15. Swimmer

    Here's a fella with his priorities straight

    Good one Steve. And good comeback by SalmonSlayer. Wonder what the team will be called in 2016?