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  1. I love the red fruit punch in the shower head. I shared that idea with a coworker and I guess he heard that someone in college put a jolly rancher in a shower head, it runs clear in the water then when you are dry and dressed you get a real sticky feeling. It probably lasts a few days in the shower too.
  2. WD-40 as as attractant? Too scared to try it.
  3. The wife Jillian with a 22"er she caught off the dock with a mircolight 4' rod and and ice fishing real that can cast about 10', tied on was a 1/64oz teardrop and a 1/4" twistertail! It pulled from under one neighbors pontoon to the one on the other side for about 6-7mins while i was inside the all the doors and windows shut with the A/C on. She yelled for me the whole time then when she finally beached the beast she ran in and yelled at me to get out there. i thought she had a rough fish for me to take off the hook for her (again). WHAT A SUPRISE FOR ME!
  4. 3 of 5 fish over 25" off Sherman's yesterday between 10:30-11:30am. The legal 29 was CPR'd of course. The 29"
  5. Those Rifles are all good guns. I can't imgaine missing an animal because you made the wrong rifle choice from that list. However, I'm suprised i haven't seen any replys for the Winchester Model 70 Featherweight? Excellent function and BEAUTIFUL form! Maybe too Beautiful to use? Then look at the plain Model 70 (not featherwieght). Pick up those Winchesters while you still can.
  6. How did you prep for the Herculiner? I am currently sand blasting everything. Did you need a primer/cleaner?
  7. New reality show comming "Deadliest Catch Minnesota". i too trap and eat them on a lake north of Aitkin. We have always just boiled them. Anyone have any other ways they like to eat them?
  8. Ultra Image wants $130 + $90 for a clear coat. too rich for my blood. anyway i checked out the POR-15 on the net. WOW! This is the answer and you can get enough for you racks for arounr $50! It sounds like the strongest coating out there. Has anyone use this product?
  9. I don't like the idea of the faded polyurethane coating. I want to look into a fresh powder coat. Anyone know of a place to get some powder coating done?
  10. I love the name "Maggie" for a female dog. Problem is one of my hunting partners has a lab named Maggie. My brother mentioned "Shilo" like the Neil Diamond song, which would be another great name for a male dog.
  11. All great names. I like dutchess alot but my wife doesn't care for it. I shoot a a Ruger RL and if i was getting a male dog i'd have the name. I don't have any kids yet, so that doesn't work for me. Thanks for the reply's. Keep them comming!
  12. I am picking up a B/W female English Springer June 3rd. My wife have been brainstorming for names. We have yet to find that perfect name (where you know it's right). I was wondering what others out there have named their female dogs. Being aware that you will be yelling this name aloud in the field.
  13. I stay off the trails posted "snowmobiles only" but these West of Emily are just marked with Snowbirds logo and maps. I have run across other wheelers in the summer that are Snowbird members. The Moose River trials are pretty nice with great parking. Just be sure to bring a map. My party of 6 got lost last year along the highlines and we ended up on a goat farm. It was a little nerve racking because we were running out of gas and we have no choice but to cross the farm and here comes the farmer driving into his driveway at the same time. I thought we were in deep. It turns out that my buddy who is a cop in Dayton SAVED HIS LIFE a few weeks earlier, he was choking in a resturante down there! Needless to say he let us cross.
  14. I have removed my grill guard and both front and back racks off the Kodiak to be refinished. I would like a tough, scratch resistant finish. I was think about rhino or line-X. Anyone out there tried that? cost? Any other suggestions appreciated as well.
  15. Great snowmobile trails to ride in the summer on ATV's! Park at the Ruth Lake public access. Take the quads north right at the public access. You will be riding a few miles through the woods then come to a minimum maintenacne road which you want to take a left and head west. This road will bring you back to 6 right at the Wigwam Inn just south of Outing. Also if you drive back to 6 from the Ruth Lake access cross there are some nice trials going West from 6. They are snowbird trials so they are marked with maps miliage and bar ads. They can get a little mushy North of Ruth lake so plan ahead if it's wet out! Have fun!
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