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  1. Gissert: If next season they make it legal to use scopes, would you switch over or not? I understand your point of the feeling you get hunting with open sights. I too use a modern inline and wouldn't hunt with anything else. There's always going to be that person who doesn't completely understand the ballistics of their smokepole and take those out of range shots. I feel comfortable about out to 80 yards if I have a good rest and the deer is standing broadside, anything over that and I think it's a prayer with an open sighted muzzleloader. Granted their are some that can kill effectively at 100 yards with open sights, there aren't many. I guess I'm just one who would love to be able to use a scope during season, especially during low light conditions, I'll take anything to give me an edge over a wily old mossy horns.
  2. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were about having scopes on muzzleloaders during muzzleloader season? Personally I would love to be able to use a scope. I've heard that the MN DNR has been thinking about letting us use them. I know that there's the argument about how it wouldn't be a primitive weapon if we used scopes, but I also know that a lot of deer get wounded during muzzleloader season because some people misjugded or whatever. If we had scopes it would take away a lot of those guessing shots. It's still our responsibility to make the good clean shot, and it with a scope it would make it easier to take the clean shot.
  3. Is this Phil Zimmpel? This is Treston Magner from Newfolden. Remember me from the old track days? Anyways I wasn't the one taking the pictures that night. I got the picture from the radio station. They emailed it to me. If you email them and ask for your photo they'll probably send it to you.
  4. This buck was shot in northwest MN near Newfolden. It grossed in the 170's and had one G2 that was 19" long. Helluva nice buck. Enjoy!!!
  5. Well our group didn't hunt in that part of the State. We hunted north of Thief River Falls and got 3 ruffs and 3 sharptails for the weekend, not great but we got shooting and saw more birds than we thought we would. It was a little warm today, but we enjoyed just being out again. How'd everyone else do?
  6. Blaze, It's good to hear that there are more of us on here. So you have hunted the same haunts as me and Wags. I love hunting the slough. Where abouts did you hunt by Holt, any names we would recognize? Yeah the ruffy hunting wasn't good up here last year. But this spring has been a lot better than last year I think and hopefully we will get a better hatch for both the ruffys and sharptails.
  7. I know I'll be up at the crack of dawn, I never had much trouble during deer season. I'm not sure whose land we are going to be hunting, Paul told me but I forget. Hey has Lou Dogg posted anything yet? He needs to get his two cents in on some of this stuff. What kind of goose call should I buy for next year, I want to get one this summer so I can practice a bit.
  8. Without a doubt hunting. There is nothing better than sitting in your deer stand on opening morning and hearing that first shot off in the distance. I'm still waiting for the time that I will be the first shot of the morning. Another thing about hunting is your dog. There is no greater hunting companion and when he gets that scent in his nose and locks up on that grouse or pheasant it's like poetry in motion.
  9. Yeah that tradition is a ruff one WAG. I think the only one who enjoyed it was X-Otter. But Hopefully next year we will have to buy two bottles for all the grouse we shoot. You forgot to mention our morning tradition at Paul's cabin of eating loads of cakes bacon and eggs. I guess it's gonna be rocking there for goose season too. Paul is working on getting some land locked up north of the slough for goose season. Might have to buy some Grey Goose Vodka for that season huh?
  10. Riverratpete, I'm from up north near the Thief River Falls area, and as far as drumming goes I'm not sure, they usually post their findings on the DNR HSOforum. But one thing I'm sure of is that there are a lot of sharptails around my area. I see them all the time doing their dances on the roads. It's amazing how many I've seen, they seem to be making a good comeback. Hopefully the ruffys will too, last year was a bad year up here for them. Our hunting group shot very few ruffys, even our hot spots were prety dry. How far north do you hunt for grouse?
  11. I was wondering if there was anyone on here who hunts grouse up north near Thief River Falls? Our group had a poor season last year and was wondering if anyone has any hot spots up here? Hopefully this year will be better.
  12. It's not the question of the my shooting, it's if I actually get out enough. The trophy will be mine next year as Maverick will prove his worth in the grouse woods. So you are getting a dog from Brian huh? Does it come with papers or not? If it does look at it's parents pedigree and see what kind of stock it comes from.
  13. JLM. I'm curious of what part of the slough you hunt in. I hunt with Wags and we usually hunt the southern part of the slough. The best I've ever got for grouse was 2 one day while I was walking a cut. There is so much ground to cover in there, you could almost get lost. So you have relatives up here huh? Any names I might know? Did you ever know anyone who lost a dog up there last fall. One was found wandering around with it's beeper going. I believe it was a Pointer, not sure though. I know I usually hear dog's beepers going off when I'm bowhunting, those things are loud. I've probably heard you hunting up there.
  14. JLM- It's nice to hear that you have hunted to Nelson Slough. Yeah it's a great place for hunting most anything, although the ruffed grouse numbers seem to have been going down a little the past few years. Me and my dad got a great buck up there this past muzzleloader season. I will agree with you that it does get crowded up there for rifle season. When is the last time you hunted it?
  15. Yeah it will be different without Chomp there, but hopefully Maverick will be better in the woods this year and not range out so far, I know he'll be ready for the sharptails. The sharptails are all over by my place, I haven't really been out early in the mornings or in the evenings to listen for ruffys drumming. But I hope it's better than last year, I'm hoping to get at least 15 this year, 20 or so would be nice. When you gonna buy a shorthair???
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