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  1. Blake H

    which trail camera?

    I run a Cuddeback, if you got some extra cash its worth it. It helped me hold out for a larger deer. I use a 256 MB card and get 400 pics a week on my bait pile set at 5 minute intervals, check this one out.
  2. Put me on the list! After talking with Stu at Lockport this is a must do trip! I am definately in.
  3. I might be interested, gotta see when I will be heading to MT for the Elk first though.
  4. The fishing was good, you get spoiled if you go late season and then try an early trip. I remember catching 1100 pounds of fish in a night, this time we were lucky with half that. I think later in the summer is the best IMO.
  5. Small world...It was me heading home from Lockport. Thanks for the compliment.
  6. Dennis Yea that was me on 94 on Tuesday. I am definately interested in Sept. I would need a date within the next two months as I gotta put in for time off, but it would be a ball. I hear that "Whisker" is into jumping stuff with his RP, I wanna see some video!!
  7. Dennis The rumor from Stu was I missed you by like 24 hours! I went up mid week as I couldnt get time off for the weekend. We hit them real good, and the warm weather helped I think. Here is a pic of my dad and sisters first time catfishing with me. Their hooked!
  8. Blake H

    cat dreams

    Canuck I have been going for a few years, I think the two pics are from different trips. What I normally do, is sleep-in real good in the AM and then headout about 3 hours before dark, then I fish all night. I have had my best luck around midnight for some reason. Not only that, but battling that heat midday in August with no wind and no way to cool down is not for me. I like fishing when the sun is down.
  9. Have you seen the picture of the new state record trout? 31 lbs I believe. Most people get the big ones real early or real late when I have been there. I see people fishing it around Xmas time.
  10. Blake H

    cat dreams

    If you want the best catfishing IMO for channels, go to Lockport. Anyone with limited epxerience can catch a fish, and it is something everyone should try. It is sportfishing at its finest. I will be going up again this year a few times. Here is a pic of my little brother and I with a nice triple several years ago. We caught 54 fish largest being 27 pounds in one night. Three guys.
  11. Guys, I looked at making mine too, but then I bought an Otter outdoors boat (final attack). Cover it with Avery grass and you have something better than a homebuilt, for half the price, which can get beatup and not feel bad when you dent it. It also can take a motor on the back.
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