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  1. Yea I will be out there but i will not be bringing my boat cause my dad has to work but I am planning to prefish prior at least 2times before the tourney and my goal is to have a bag weight of 10 pounds. Mabe ill see you out there but good luck Nick
  2. hey i saw u at the weight in i was weraing green with a white ranger boats hat but ya tuff day of fishing for us your brother with the huge bag he caught that big one right over where i was gonna start seems that all the fish moved into the shallows it was really hard to keep on my midlake spots cause of the wind but thanks for the tips Nick
  3. yes it is the bassnatetor tourney and any spots will help i have a small stop on the south east side of north reef that is loaded with fish and no one is fishing it but i herd lots of fish were being caught on the south end of the lake any spots around there gps coordanates mabe ?? thanks Nick
  4. im fishing in a jr tourney on sunday. i went out thusday and caught 1 16" fish and hook an lost another one on a jig and worm. the tourney is out at waconia and i was wondering how i should rig up all my rods??? i was thinking of haveing a crankbait , jig n worm , jig n pig ,some kind of topwater , any other ideas ?????
  5. i have a pic of a fish from when i was 8 but i cant figue how to post it can i send it to anyone that can post it for me
  6. Is there any where i can order creek chubs or red tails and pick them up on my way to cass in mid to late july ????
  7. lil*ranger*boi


    where can i get willow cats or redtails in the metro or around the cass area ?? and would it be worth the money to get willow cats to fish with on cass and is it legal ???
  8. my favorite top water lure has to be a japot nothing like watching that 6in peice of wood skim acrossed the surface then to see that big wake of a fish behind it.
  9. Im 15 and planning on going muskie fishing out at tonka and cass for sure this year. for rods i have a 6'6 guide series medium heavy with an abu ambassadaur 6500 c3 spoold with 30 pound dacron. my dad has the same set up the only differnce is he has a 7ft st.croix meduim heavy. what kinda of leader should we use ive had problems with the leaders breaking while casting a giant jakpot and bigger lures any help?? thanx nick
  10. planing on going out on the 28 to catch eyes/perch then on the 30th i have a school trip to go fishing on toka and im bringing my boat any advice on where and how to pick up some fish any imfo will be put to use thanks nick
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