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    Not sure there is any more.
  2. In the metro 8" to 12" crappies are almost "huge". And 6" - 8" Sunfish and Bluegills are sought after. I can fish a lake with 14-16" craps and 9-10" blues and sunnies with the occaisional Pumpkinseed, but it is 150 miles away.
  3. I just purchased the St Croix tournament legend 6 foot light action and paired it with a Stradic reel and man is it a setup! Spendy, but very nice!
  4. I have the bose for home but I recommend the JBL which I also have. It is the round one.
  5. Hey LD, this is Corbin. Want to let Lee know I opted not to pursue his boat. I bought a Pro V 1800 with a 74lb trolling motor and 75 horse Merc.
  6. Convicts are freshwater fish but get knowhere as big as the one above. They do breed like rabbits though.Maybe get 8 inches at the most. They are in the cichlid family, very territorial.
  7. I am very interested in this and I am wondering if this is a very commont practice or not? I just placed an order for a bighorn wetland camo tube and would like to know also what else would be needed besides waders? What do you folks use for float tubes? Anything at all that pertains to this in the replies would be very very much appreciated.
  8. I am very interested in that boat at that price you have listed. BUT can you please hold it for a few days for me. I live in the cities but my hometown (and bank) are 170 miles West of here. I need to talk to the banker face to face.
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