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  1. YEEEES!!!! Zone 31 for me. Took 3 years. Very happy.
  2. I'll be planting my Winter Peas this Sat. 08-02-14 and crossing my fingers for some rain soon after.
  3. Dave- You have it down perfect!!! You are creating memories, what more can you ask for? Taking and teaching youth is a great way to pass this great sport on the right way. Good read!!
  4. 2014 Deer Hunt Information for the 2014 season will be available on Tuesday, July 22. Firearms season opens Saturday, Nov. 8. Soon boys soon. Cant wait till the opinions come in hard and heavy!!!
  5. Anyone try and have good luck with winter peas? Been reading about them but never heard any news about them on this forum. Anyone??? Thanks-
  6. YEEEEEEEES. 508 A. Time for a new turkey call. Saw a new one that you blow into like a duck call, Michael Wadell approved. Time for a Cabelas trip.
  7. Does the DNR make these changes every year after they now the deer kill numbers and how the winter affected the herd etc etc. OR... Do they have a 5 year set in stone plan for all of these areas. My friend says that the DNR sets weather the area will be Lottery, hunters choice, managed or intensive for the next 5 years. How can that be??? It does not make any sense since they have no idea what the heard will be 3 or 4 years from now. Is this True???
  8. Very nice B-man His head looks HUGE!!! Great job.
  9. So many years I would start to bait the very first day and get photos of bears coming in till about 3-4 days before to opening day and then BEARS GONE to never return. NOW, I wait till about 7-8 days before opening day to start baiting and that avoids bait burn out and gives em enough time to find that bait to begin with. Not the best for everyone but works for me. Thnaks-
  10. $0. I dumster dive a great spot and get 250lbs of donuts and other candy for the season. It takes me 2 months to collect it all and nice to have a huge chest freezer to store for 2 months. Can't beat that price but kinda dirty...
  11. Since my 50 horse Merc [PoorWordUsage] the bed. I found a 1983 90HP Merc. for sale $1550. Is this year, model reliable or should I stay away. I'm looking at it tonight so dont know much about it at this time. Thanks-
  12. Can my 6 year old son purchase an OTC turkey license?? I did not see a minimum age requirement to hunt turkey. Thanks-
  13. For the first time I will be hunting from my enclosed deer stand that is 15 feet in the air. I will be bring my 6 year old boy so comfort is a must and it will also minimize viewing his movement. My only problem is that it is in an open field and turkeys will view the sky more looking for danger, (my son and I.) I will bring my portable blind if I do get busted.
  14. So from what I am understanding any kid under the age of 9 cannot get a turkey license. Correct??
  15. A friend of mine advised me that I have access to 80 acres of farm land just west of Chatfield to bow hunt on this fall. I visited him last year there but did not pay much attention to checking out the land for hunting as I did not know it was up for the taking. Question, I always hear about the deer down there and the SE holding large bucks but having deer hunted all my life up north, is it that great down there???? Thanks- Looks like I have some scouting to do this summer.
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