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  1. Huskers_05

    Pontoon with a 250hp outboard

    The company I work for makes a 23' tri-toon with a 300 merc on it.
  2. Huskers_05

    Lowe FM175S

    Just wanted to know if any one has one or fished in one of these boats and what you thought of them. Im looking at Lund, Crestliner or Lowe. I just dont know all that much about Lowe. I herd somewhere that Crestliner and Lowe are both made in the same plant now. Is there any truth to that? Thanks for any help you can give.
  3. Huskers_05

    (Kinda) Obscure bands

    Kings X
  4. Huskers_05

    Favorite War Movies

    All of those are great. I guess I would add Band of Brothers. Not really a movie but still good.
  5. Huskers_05

    Favorite TV Series shows!

    Boston legal Jericho Heroes
  6. Huskers_05

    Fisrt Time Pontoon Boat Buyer - Needs advice

    I would check out Harris-Kayot. They have many options you can even get up to a 250hp motor.
  7. Huskers_05

    Buck Tails

    Thanks for the info. I like the comment about north and south hemispher I think I might have used to big of a blade, I used A #9 mag fluted indiana, what do you guys think?
  8. Huskers_05

    Buck Tails

    I dont know if any of you guys make your own lures. I thought id give it a try and make some buck tails. I made my first one today but somethings wrong one cast the blade will spin clock wise and the next cast it will spin counter clock wise. Anyone know what the problem is? Thanks for your help
  9. Huskers_05

    Early season bass fishing destination.

    I would give Table Rock a try. Ive fished it many times and april is the best month.
  10. Huskers_05

    I can't take it anymore!!!!!

    You should have good luck on webster DNR did a study last year and said there was 6 muskie per acre.
  11. Huskers_05

    Vikings: Blame the coach or blame the players?

    Blame the front office. There the ones that make all the draft and signing decisions, a coach can only coach what he has, and players are only as good as the guys next to them.
  12. Huskers_05


    I will be heading up saturday for a week. Just wanted to know if anyone knows how the fishing has been? Thanks
  13. Huskers_05

    Guide Tipping

    I will be up on Vermilion for the first time in a few weeks and hired a guide for a day. Is tipping a guide normal? If so how much is the tip 10-20%? This is the first time Ive used a guide so i dont know. any info on this would help. Thanks.