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    New boat plug?

    Bass Boat Solutions remote drain plug system is a great solution Wayne,should you decide this option isn't working for you. I installed one in My Skeeter last year and it works flawless. No more crawling under the boat to take out the drain plug. http://www.bassboatsolutions.com/
  2. I think all bass fisherman have one trait in common. We love our tackle, way to much. We don't just purchase one bait of a certain color or size, we need 2 or 3 to feel comfortable, might lose one. Accumulating more tackle than 6 guys need is the name of the game. He who dies with the most tackle wins!!!! We are deluged with ads, how to videos, fishing shows, and the internet. We are easy prey, we are bass fisherman!! So many baits, so many techniques, so many endorsements. When you are bitten with the bass addiction you must face the fact that you are going to spend countless dollars on baits that either don't work for you or spend their entire life buried away in the bottom of your tackle boxes. Don't fight it, just go with the flow and enjoy. I don't own a bait that doesn't work for me.
  3. Invasive species are not new to Minnesota lakes. We were deluged with similar panic attack approaches when Eurasion milfoil was the hot topic. The milfoil has spread to some extent, just like the zebra mussel will. Awareness is a key factor in stopping the spread, not extensive fines and boat confiscations. Laws and fines don't stop people from driving while under the influence, yet we think we can stop the spread of an invasive transported to our area in the hulls of cargo ships through the Great Lakes. There is not much common sense coming into play in many of these decisions. We can increase fines, restrict usage, and ad more regulations but it will not eliminate the spread. It's like putting a band aid on a gaping wound. We need some deterents and education to help prevent the spread but we don't need outrageous fines and restrictions targeting specific groups without a proven basis for the restrictions. Brown signage used by the DNR at public accesses blends in nice with the environment, but is ineffective at getting peoples attention. We need signs that get peoples attention. This is not the time to blend in with the environment. The signage needs to be bold and grab your eye when you drive into an access. I don't know how many times I personally have informed someone at the access that this lake has special regulations while the signs were less than 10ft away. We are all in this thing together. Rather than pointing fingers and taking sides we need to rally together if we want to limit the spread of invasives. It could start with licensing, maybe a statement signed when licenses are purchased and boats are registered that states you understand the steps that need to be taken to prevent the spread of invasives. People need to understand what invasives are and how important it is to follow guidlines to prevent the spread. A pamphlet handed out just doesn't work. Bait shops, and convenience stores need signage. Resorts need to make guests aware of invasives. It's not just fisherman spreading invasives, even though we are being targeted. I believe the majority of avid boaters and fisherman are aware and take precautions. It's the minority that we need to reach. The family who uses their boat once or twice during the summer. Boaters who store their boat on a lift in infested water, load it up to take a family vacation on unifested water. Maybe a campaign to all lake propery owners, especially those who are on infested waters. Making sure they and their guests are aware. We need to reach the casual and out of state users of our lakes and rivers. I am not a biologist or a professional when it comes to exotic species, but I am a tax paying fisherman in Minnesota who is concerned about the spread of exotics, and believe that special interest groups should not control our PUBLIC waters. You purchase property and live on a lake by your choice, it's not your lake!! Awareness is the key to helping the control of exotics
  4. Joe Barnett fron Fergus Falls, leads the Co-Angler division with #24.12. Good luck Joe.
  5. Ray, The same one-who-thinks-I-am-silly that cuts in front of you on the weedline, cut's in front of me also, and I fish out of a 20 ft. bass boat. It has nothing to do with the tin boat. It has to do with respect. This is the same guy that cuts you off on the freeway and steals your parking space at Target. There are jerks in abundance out there, and all we can do is our part, not to become one of them.
  6. I agree that targeting bass out of season is wrong and shouldn't be condoned. Please don't assume when you see someone fishing out of bass boat that they are targeting bass. Not everyone fishes for crappies with a float and bobber. I prefer targeting crappies in isolated reed patches with a small jig and twister tail as an example. I have received scowling looks and have overheard comments from other boats when using this method. Now I may catch some largemouth doing this, but they are not the targeted species and I catch many more crappies than bass. I release the majority of crappies I catch also.
  7. There is a company called Bag-Em, that makes different sized bags with a grommet in the top and drain holes in the bottom. Put the fish in the bag and weigh it. They can be purchased on line or at Sportsman's Wharehouse, which is where I purchaed mine. Works slicker than anything I have ever used before and no harm to the fish.
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